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What is Dementia?
Change in cognition (orientation, problem solving, attention, etc.)
When is diagnosed?
By the time it's dx, about 10 yrs may have elapsed
What is insidious onset?
Dementia is marked with insidious onset...slow to come on; can't tell when it actually started.
What is the progression?
Slow, but progressive decline
What areas have notable changes?
Aphasia (- speaking)
Agnosia (- naming)
Apraxia (- motor planning)
What are the other types of dementia?
alzheimers (60% of dementia cases)
Other 40% fall under:
Vascular dementia (etiology, stroke, TIA)
AIDs dementia
How is the onset of delirium?
Acute. Usually caused by something.
What can cause delirium
Is delirium cured?
Yes, if cause is found