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achieved status
A status that is earned.
ascribed status
A status that is received at birth.
baby boomers
People born between 1946 and 1964.
Child Savers
Nineteenth century reformers who believed children were basically good and blamed delinquency on a bad environment.
chronic status offender
Children who continued to commit status offenses despite repeated interventions by family, school, social service, or law enforcement agencies.
juvenile delinquency
Behavior committed by a minor child that violates a state's penal code.
juvenile delinquent
A child with a long and problematic history of involvement in crime.
Persons under age 18.
parens patriae
A doctrine that defines the state as the ultimate guardian of every child.
A socially defined position in a group.
status offense
An act illegal only for children, such as truancy.
Stubborn Child Law
Passed in 1641, the law stated that children who disobeyed their parents might be put to death.