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visual phenomenon where forms appear less distinct as they recede in space because of the greater density of the air between the viewer and the object.
Aerial Perspective
three related colors. Hues allied to each other due to their side by side relationship on the color wheel.
three colors allied to each other by their adjacent relationship on the color wheel with the addition of the hue diametrically opposite the central hue of the three.
Analogous with Complement
a paraline drawing of an axonometric projection with all the lines parallel to the three principal axes drawn to scale (includes isometrics), any diagonal or curved lines are distorted. Any pictorial graphic that shows three faces of an object in one orthographic view may be classified as an axonometric.
Axonometric Drawing
the shadows projected upon a surface by an object that stands between the surface and the light surface
Cast Shadows
The organization of colors that create a pleasant simulation. There are two methods, which may be used, either separately or in combination to produce harmony in hue. One method is through the use of complementing colors. The other is by means of closely associated hues.
Color Harmony
The organization of elements in pictorial space.
colors that are diametrically opposite each other on the color wheel. When these colors are placed side by side, each makes the other appear more intense. When they are mixed in equal proportion they neutralize one another.
sometimes called working drawings. These are accurate graphic or pictorial indications of the design, location, dimensions and relationship of the elements of an architectural project
Construction Drawings
lines used to organize and simplify complex forms by reducing them to basic geometric shapes.
Construction Lines