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Process by which counselor/client identify & rank problems needed to be resolved, establish immediate & long term goals, decide on treatment & resources
Treatment Planning
Utilization of special skills, assisting individuals, families or groups in achieving objectives through exploring problems, ramifications, attitudes & feelings. Consideration of solution's & decision making.
Activities intended to bring services, agencies, resources or people together within a planned framework of action toward the achievement of established goals. It may involve liason activities and collateral contacts.
Case Management
The administrative & initial assessment proceedures for admission to a program
Screening (Intake)
An ongoing process through which the counselor collaborates with the client & others to gather, interpret information necessary for planning treatment & evaluating client progress
Those services which respond to an AODA's needs during acute emotional / physical distress
Crisis Intervention
General nature & goals of a program, rules regarding clients conduct / infractions, which can lead to diischarge, hrs., treatment cost & clients rights.
Administrative, clinical, evaluative activities that bring the client, tx services, community agencies & other resources together to focus on issues & needs id'd in the treatment plan.
Service Coordination
Subjective / Objective / Assessment / Plan
What does the S mean in SOAP
Subjective, What the patient relates to you by words, actions or body posture (language).
What does the O mean in SOAP
Objective, What the counselor observes,, reads or has been told by someone other than the patient.
What does the A mean in SOAP
Assessment, counselor assess what is observed; appears to be; seems to be taking place.
What does the P mean in SOAP
Plan, must directly relate to the treatment plan intervention / activities / action steps.