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Division 1.1
—Explosives with a mass explosion hazard
Division 1.2
—Explosives with a projection hazard
Division 1.3
—Explosives with predominantly a fire hazard
Division 1.4
—Explosives with minor explosion hazard
Division 1.5
—Very insensitive explosives
Division 1.6
—Extremely insensitive explosive articles
Class 2
—Flammable gases
Division 2.2
—Nonflammable gases
Division 2.3
—Poison gases
Division 2.4
—Corrosive gases (Canada only)
Class 3
—Flammable Liquids
Class 4
—Flammable Solids, Spontaneously Combustible Materials, and Materials that are Dangerous When Wet
Division 4.1
—Flammable solids
Division 4.2
—Spontaneously combustible materials
Division 4.3
—Materials that are dangerous when wet
Class 5
—Oxidizing Materials
Division 5.1
Division 5.2
—Organic peroxides
Class 6
—Poisonous and Etiologic (infectious) materials
Division 6.1
—Poisonous materials
Division 6.2
—Infectious substance (etiologic)
Class 7
—Radioactive Materials
Class 8
—Corrosive Materials
Class 9
—Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials
In addition to the above classifications, materials meeting the 49 CFR definition of a “combustible liquid” and do not meet the definition of any other hazard class, hazardous substance, or marine pollutant are only regulated domestically when shipped in a bulk package. Also, specified hazardous materials may be transported as
Other Regulated Material-D (ORM-D) (e.g., “a consumer commodity”).