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Most essential aspect of providing RT care?
Care is indicated
RT is competent
Protocols approved by dr
Which is not essential part of respiratory care protocol-AACP?
Protocol includes outcome of reduced LOS
Key elements of resp care protocol program?
Strong/commited medical direction
Collaborative environemtn amoung healthcare providers
Responsivessness to address/correct problems
Capable RT's
Primary elements for quality in being an RT?
Training, education, experience
Defined as an approach to determining optimal patient managament based on critical assess of availble literature?
Evidence-based medicine
Which describes someone who completed a 2 yr program, accedited by COARC and recieved creditential from NBRC?
Agency responsible for overseeing accreditation of Resp care educational programs?
Which best describes JCAHO emphasis on quality?
Continous Quality Improvement
What other titile describes the technical director if a resp care department?
Department Manager
Primary organization that defines and monitors quality in hospitals?
Best choice to monitor performance and consistancy of a protocol system?
Care plan audits
Restructuring and redesign involves all except what?
Nursing units have their own medical lab & MRI
What is one advantage that has shown of resp care protocols?
A decrease in the iver-utilization of resp care services.
Which of the following describes an algorithm?
It is used to make logical decisions
It has branches
It is often used with protocols
How often is JCAHO accedidation process?
Every three years
How often does an RT renew memebership with AARC?
Membership is renewed every year.