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Economic system based on belief the world wealth was finite, therefore each nation strove to export more than it imported in order to become stronger than its rivals militarily and ecomomically.
Favorable Balance of Trade
For mercantilism to work it has to have a favorable balance of trade meaning it (exports more than it imports in dollar value).
Navagation Acts
Designed to raise money for England by making the colonies trade only with the Mother country by use of taxes.
1. Restrict only goods brought by British ships.
2. All goods go to England first.
3. Colonies can't sell wool to anyone.
4. Skilled mechanics cannot leave England.
Triangular Trade
Tavern owners took sugar and molasses from the West Indies to make rum and the Dutch would ship to Africa so they could trade for slaves and get silver and ivory in trade. The slaves are then taken to the West Indies for the Colonies to et sugar and molasses. all this went in a shipping triangle for trade.
Commitee of 5 who put together the Decelaration.
1.John Adams
2.Ben Franklin
3.Thomas Jefferson
4.Robert Livingston
5.Robert Sherman
4 Parts of Declaration
1st Preamble
2nd New Theoryof Government
3rd Reasons for Seperation
4th Formal Declaration of War
The declaration for War three thing for test, THE PLEDGES.
1.Our lives
2.Our fortunes
3.Our Sacred Honor
When was the United States of America used in the Declaration?
In # 4 The Declaration of War meaning the 13 colonies.
What is Truth
Truth is Absolute
Truth is what it is
Truth is constant
Molasses Act 1733
The tax on Molasses or sugar cane
Prohibited Colonists fron issuing their own currency.
Townshend Acts
A program Parliment came up with to tax the colonist for paper, glass, lead, paint, tea.
The Gaspee
British ship burned in the night by prosperous merchants painted up like indians which struck the first blow towards war.
Tea Act
Tax on imported tea from India to America but reducing the tax on British tea. Colonist still bought the India tea.
Firts Continental Congress
12 of the 13 colonies sent delegates yet georgia was the one not there. One accomplishment was the urging of the colonists to stop buying British goods.
2nd Continental Congress
Held in Phelidelphia and John Hancock was elected president of the Congress.
Patriot and Whig
Supported the Revolution.
Loyalist and Tory
Loyal to England fought against the Revolution.
Reasons for caution in the Declaration.
1. Support would be cut off.
2. Fear of war.
3. Fear of being accused of treason.
Reasons why you would want Declaration.
1.The ability to assist in making your own laws.
2.To have religious freedom.
3. Fredom from unfair taxes and have economic freedom.