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What is the max capacity of a life raft?
What is a "Red Well"?
Do not launch or recover.
What is the ships length?
569' 4"
How many frames does the ship have?
What is the ships Extrem beam?
The propeller has how many blades?
What is the weight of one link of chain?
How many flags are in a flag bag?
How many flag bags do we have?
What does avast mean?
Stop or hold the line.
How many fathoms is one shot of chain?
What is the color sequence of the chain markings?
Red, White, Blue
What is the max personnel for the captains gig?
Where is the pivot point located on the Dubuque?
Frame 82
What is Steerageway?
The slowest speed the ship can make while still able to maintain use of the rudder.
What is CPA?
Closest point of approach. The minimum didtance that the ship should be from another ship/object at a certain time.
Where are the telescopic alidade located?
04 level port/stbd.
What is GMT?
Greenwich mean time.
Name all three GPS's on the Bridge?
WRN-6, FURUNO, and Hand Held
What is set and drift?
Set is the direction and Drift is the speed.
Name the mooring lines fwd to aft?
#1 Bow Line
#2 AFT Bow Spring Line
#3 FWD Bow Spring Line
#4 AFT Quarter Spring Line
#5 FWD Quarter Spring Line
#6 Stern Line
What is the color of the next to last shot?
What holds the ship at anchor?
The anchor chain?
How do you measure line?
What is stream and what is it used for?
Standard tensioned replenishment alongside method used for UNREPS/FAS/CONREP.
What is the name of the FWD most chock?
What are the five parts to an amphibious operation?
P - Plan
E - Embark
R - Rehearsal
M - Movement
A - Assault
What is a high line used for?
What is a AOE, LPD, CVN?
Fast combat support ship, Amphibious Transfer Dock, Carrier Vessel Nuclear.
How many life boats on board?
How many life rafts on board?
What is flag Kilo?
Man Aloft
What is flag Lima?
Hero Condition
What is 3rd substitute pennant?
CO's absent
What is a PDL and what is it used for?
Phone distance line, and it is used to measure the distance between two ships.
How long is the PDL?
What is the color order of the PDL?
(Go Rub Your Balls With Grease)
Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Green
What color flag is at the 180' mark?
How many LCU's can you put in the well deck?
How many LCAC's can you put in the well deck?
What color helmet does a rig captain wear?
What day shape is Ball, Diamond, Ball?
Restricted Manuvering
What is a rat tail stopper?
Used to maintain tension on a line in order to take turns on a bit.
Where are the wind birds located?
The yard arms.
What is a LOP, and how many LOP's do we need for a fix?
Line of Position, 3.
What is a Pelican Hook?
Part of the stopper that secures the anchor chain.
How much does the anchor weigh?
22,500 lbs
What is a drag circle?
Distance from the anchor to the bridge wing.
What color is the last shot of anchor chain?
What flags are used during UNREP?
Romeo, Prep, Bravo
What is Advance?
The distance the vessel moves in the direction of the original course.
Generally what is UNREP speed?
12-16 Knots
What is ISIC and who is Dubuque's ISIC?
Immediate Supervisor In Command, Phibgru 3
What color hat does a rigger wear?
What is the color of the next to the last shot of anchor chain?
What are the night signals for Restricted Maneuvering?
Red over white over red.
What is CBDR?
Constant bearing decreasing range
15 Fathoms of anchor chain equals what?
15 fathoms = 90 feet = 1 shot
How many shots of anchor chain do we have on the port side?
What is the color sequence for the T bits on the catwalks in the well deck?
(Run When Bos'n Yells Go)
Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green
How many monorails do we have on board USS Dubuque?
What size chain stoppers do we have?
2 3/4"
What size are the links of chain for the USS Dubuque's anchor chain?
2 3/4"
What is a barometer used for?
Check atmospheric pressure.
Name all three (CINC) and what do they do?
CINCLANT, CINCPAC, and COMNAV Forces Europe. They set the standards for their area of command.
What mooring lines keep the shop from moving out from the pier?
1 and 6
What is a Chock?
A smooth surface which mooring lines are led to prevent chafing.
What type of anchor do we have?
Navy standard stockless
Who sets the refueling course?
The Delivery ship.
How many pounds of buoyancy do the inherently buoyant (vest type with a collar provide)?
The pads provide 30 lbs of buoyancy.
How many ways are there to inflate the CO2 inflatable life jacket?
2 - The preferred method is pulling the lanyard, or use the oral inflation tube.
Name some of the safety equipment found on both the inherently buoyant and CO2 inflatable life preserver.
Reflective tape
Dye marker
Distress Marker (green personnel marker light).
CO2 Inflatable preservers have a toggle line (buddy line) and a lifting strap for life raft.
What type of life rafts are on board?
Mark-7 (25 person air inflated)
Name 2 ways to release the rafts on board.
1. Pulling the pin and hitting the plunger button on the hydrostatic release with your hand.

2. Release automatically at a depth between 10 - 40 feet.
Name 3 survival swim strokes.
Side stroke
Breast stroke
Back stroke
Name some of the equipment found on station for man overboard.
Life ring, Blankets first aid kits, Modified life jacket, Grapnel hooks - 100ft of 3/4in nylon line, DC portable floodlight, J - Type rescue knife, Material hand cutting shears, Megaphone, M-14, Rescue swimmer kit, Swimmer harness, LPU - 28 - SAR - 1 (used by SAR swimmer to stay afloat), Swimmer/survivor tending line, Stokes stretcher, Crewman rescue strop, J-Bar Davit, The inhaul outhaul, Double rescue hook, Chem-lights
How many blasts are sounded on the ship's whistle for a man overboard?
6 or more
How is paint thickness measured?
Wet Film Thickness(wft)
Dry Film Thickness(dft)
What is paints maximum dry film(dft)?
17 mils - to retain the fire retardant nature of the paint.
How many coats of primer should be applied to exterior surfaces?
How many coats of primer should be applied to interior surfaces?
What are the four parts of paint?
1. Pigment
2. Vehicle
3. Drier
4. Thinner
What formula is primer?
What are the three primary reasons to paint?
Preservation, Cleanliness, Reflects or absorbs light
What is dark green paint used for?
Officers Quarters
What is Deck gray paint used for?
Living and working spaces
What is dark red deck(terracota) paint used for?
Machinery spaces, fan rooms
When working aloft what is used to prevent sudden stops if a person falls?
Dyna-brake shock absorber
What are the steps that must be performed prior to going aloft?
1. Obtain man aloft chit
2. Turn chit over to the OOD
3. Ensure kilo flag is flown
4. Check all equipment and perform any applicable PMS
5. Conduct safety brief with personnel going aloft
Define working aloft.
Being on any mast, kingpost, or other structure where the potential for a fall exists.
How do you determine the size of a wooden block?
By the height of the frame (this is known as the cheek).
How do you determine the proper size block to be used with a given size line?
Multiply the size of the line times three.
How do you determine the proper size block to be used with a given size wire rope?
Multiply the size of the wire rope by 20.
What is the mechanical advantage of a two fold purchase?
The rigging computation for a grade B Shackle is what?
High Strength
What is the purpose of the boat boom?
Ships that are at anchorage or moored will rig the boat boom to moor their boats well clear of the side of the ship.
How many boat booms do we have on board?
Name four parts of the boat boom.
Booms, Boom cradle, Strong back, Topping lift, Tie plate, Boom support pendants, gooseneck, Catwalk, lifeline and stantions, Guys, Guess warp, Jacobs ladder, Boom light
What is used as a convenient way of boarding or leaving a ship at anchor?
Accommodation ladder
Describe the following Hawser onboard the USS Dubuque.
12in. circumference 600ft. in length with a NATO towing link on each side.
How many towing chocks are onboard the USS Dubuque?
2 - The towing chock is the most forward (bullnose) or most aft (stern chock) chock that will be used as a fairlead for the chaffing chain.
Name the 5 types of towing approaches.
Parallel, 45 Degree, Crossing the "T", back down, and the Heavy weather.
On the lead line what is used to identify Mark 10?
1 Strip of leather with a whole in it.
How many anchors are onboard the USS Dubuque?
5 - 2 Navy Standard Stockless (focsle), 1 Danforth on each of the 2 Pl's, and 1 Danforth on the Rhib boat.
Name 5 animals located on the focsle.
Rattail, wildcat, mousing, goose neck, bull nose, camel back, dog-ears, elephants feet, bird nest, frog eyes.
Where is and to what is the anchor secured to?
It is secured in the chain locker to a shackle that has the breaking strength equal to the weight of 300 fathoms of the chain it holds.
What is the most common type of anchor used in the Navy?
What is the weight of the port anchor onboard USS Dubuque?
22,500 lbs.
What size lines are used for lines 2,3,4,5 during mooring to a pier?
8in. lines
What size lines are lines 1 and 6 during mooring to a pier?
10in. lines
For LCU operations, what lines are the breaking lines and what is there size?
Line 2 and 4, and they are 5in. lines.
What is the purpose of Black and Yellow striped line located on the STBD bulkhead of the well deck?
It is a line up line used by the pilot of the LCAC to mark where to come down on cushion.
For LCU operations, what lines tend AFT?
Lines 1 and 3 on port and STBD side.
What is the minimum depth of water at the sill needed to launch AAV?
1 Foot
What is the minimum depth of water at the sill needed to recover a LCU?
8ft. at the sill.
What is the minimum depth of water at the sill needed to recover a LCAC?
0-6in. at the sill.
What size peck and hale gripes do we have onboard USS Dubuque?
70K, 35K, and 17K
What does the "PL" in PL boat stand for?
Personnel launch