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What does SLAD stand for?
Slew arm davit
How long is the starboard RHIB? How many can it hold?
24 ft 7meters long
Holds 15 pax & 3 crew
How long is Port RHIB? What can it hold?
11 meters long
Holds 23 pax & 3 crew
How many monkey lines are on the port boat davit?
What color hard hat and float coat is for the Coxswain?
What color hard hat and float coat is for SAR/Bow Hook?
What color hard hat and float coat is for Boat Engineer?
What color hard hat and float coat is for Boat Officer?
How many shots in a chain? How many working shots?
What is the color pattern for anchor chain? Which shot is red?
Red, White, Blue
What is the swing circle?
The arc the ship swings around the anchor
Measured from hawse pipe to stern
What is the drag circle?
Arc farthest distant from the anchor
Measured from anchor chain to stern
What is the purpose of UNREP?
Transferring fuel, ammo, supplies and personnel from ship to ship at sea
How long is the Phone and Distance(P&D) line?
300 FT
What is the color code for P&D line?
Go: Green
Rub: Red
Your: Yellow
Balls: Blue
With: White
Grease: ?
What does STREAM stand for?
Standard Tension Replenishment Alongside Method
How long is the re-matting line?
60 ft long
How many positions are there to an UNREP?
What are the seven positions for the UNREP?
Safety observer: White Hat with Green Cross
Rig Captain: Yellow Hat
Riggers: Blue Hat
Signalman: Green
Corpsman: White Hat with Red cross
Gunners’ Mates: Red Hat
Winch Operator: Brown Hat
How many breakaway methods are there?
What are the two breakaway methods?
Emergency: Rapid disconnect allows ship to get away from danger
Standard: Doesn’t involve rapid disconnects
How many LCACS can the well deck launch? LCM?
12 LCM
What are the ways to load/unload LCAC?
Drive on
Walk on
Cargo Monorails
How long is the Well Deck?
286 ft
What are the alternating Black and Yellow marking lines used for on the Well Deck?
Positioning LCACS
What does the stern gate have to be while launching LCAC?
-10 degrees
What are the MOIRE OPTICAL EFFECT LIGHTS used for?
To give the craft master a correct alignment
Who directs LCAC recovery?
Ramp Marshal
What is DFM used for?
To refuel the LCAC
How many Refueling stations are there to refuel the LCAC?
How many lines are used to moor to the pier?
What is the circumference of mooring lines 1 &11?
6 1/4
What’s the circumference of lines 2-10?
5 7/8
What is small stuff?
1 ¾ or smaller
How many mooring stations are there?
Where are the mooring stations?
Under station 7 H Bay
H Bay port side elevator
CMC office
Ace Café
How many blasts signals man overboard?
How do you report a man overboard?
Throw life ring and smoke float & report man overboard, always keep pointing at man overboard
What does 5 short blasts indicate?