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what kind of anchor chain do we have
3" commercial flash butt weld
how many stoppers are on the foc'sle and what are their names
3, towing stopper, howsing stopper, riding stopper
what is the max weight the Jbar davit can hold
what is a surf block
a standard underway replenishment fixture
who's the man
os3 neff
how much weight can a 60 ton crane hold
120 thousand lbs
how much can the aux hook of the 60 ton crane hold
10 thousand lbs
how much can the 20 ton crane hold, i bet you can't guess
40 thousand lbs
how much can the aux hook hold for the 20 ton crane hold
10 thousand lbs
who makes our boat davit
Welin Lambie
who wears yellow on the flight deck
LSE (landing
who wears white on the flight deck
the FDO (flight deck officer)
who wears green on the flight deck
Maintenance men
what does STREAM mean
standard tention replenishment alongside method
what stations can we take DFM only
3 and 6
who rocks the gnarliest fuckin stache on board
OS3 Neff
how many LCU's can we hold
what is the rotation of the 60 ton crane
360 degrees
what is the rotation of the 20 ton
270 degrees
what are the T lines on the flight deck used for
what are the 3 ways we can release life rafts
pull the pin, cut it, hydrostatic release 10-15 ft
what did the chart plotter do during man over board on Bevels last ship
who gives a fuck