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Abusar de
to abuse, misuse; to impose on
Acordarse de
to remember
Agarrarse de (a)
to seize, clutch
Burlarse de
to make fun of
Cambiar de
to change
Carecer de
to lack
Cesar de
to cease to
Componerse de
to consist of
Constar de
to consisto f
Darse cuenta de
to realize
Dejar de
to cease, to stop
Depender de
to depened on
Despedirse de
to say goodbye to
Disfrutar de
to enjoy
Encargase de
to take charge (care) of
Enterarse de
to hear, find out (about)
Jactarse de
to boast about
Llenar de
to fill with
No dejar de
not to fail to
Olvidarse de
to forget
Protestar de
to protest
Quejarse de
to complain about
Servir de
to serve as
Sospechar de
to suspect
Vestirse de
to be (get) dressed as, dressed in