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flagito, are, avi, atus
to demand urgently, require, entreat, solicit, press
norim, noris, norit, norimus, noritis, norint (?)
subjunctive of nosco, noscere, novi, notus
to learn, to know
complector, i, plexus sum
to grasp, embrace; to seize; to comprehend, understand;
to express, describe, explain
admodum (adv.)
much, very much, considerably
plane (adv.)
simply, plainly, clearly, intelligibly
aspernor, ari, atus sum
to disdain, reject, despise
artefex, ficis
master of an art, artist, maker, builder
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsus
to trip, to deceive, cheat, trick;
(pass.) to be deceived, mistaken; err
adfero, ferre, tuli, latus
to bring to, deliver;
to introduce, employ, apply, use
dissentio, ire, sensi, sensus
to differ, disagree, be at odds with
sicut (adv.)
as, just as
pertineo, ere, ui, --
to reach, extend; to belong, relate, pertain to
deinde (adv.)
then, next, thereafter, afterwards
aliquando (adv.)
at some time, sooner or later
nanciscor, i, nactus sum
to get, obtain, receive; to find, stumble on
ordior, iri, orsus sum
begin, commence, undertake
quondam (adv.)
formerly, at times
ordo, inis (m.)
a row, line, series, rank, order
ratio, ionis (f.)
a reason; method, mode, theory
cum... tum in primus
cum... tum vero
while... in particular
not only... but especially
cum... tum
as... so
not only... but also
as... so especially
dissero, dissere, diserui, diserutus
to examine, speak, discuss, discourse
fere (adv.)
closely, quite, entirely, altogether
cerno, ere, crevi, certus
to distinguish, see, perceive;
to comprehend, understand
corrigo, ere, correxi, correctus
to set right, improve, correct, amend
inane, is (n.)
an empty space, void, open space
inanis, e
empty, void
deserted, abandoned
useless, worthless, vain
confero, ferre, tuli, latus
to collect, gather, join;
to compare, contrast;
to consult, deliberate, takl over
mentio, onis (f.)
mentioning, a calling to mind
mereor, eri, meritus sum
to deserve, merit, be entitled to
mereo, ere, ui, itus
to deserve, merit, be entitled to;
glorior, ari, atus sum
to boast, brag, pride oneself in, glory
sedulo (adv.)
busily, diligently, eagerly, carefully
probo, are, avi, atus
to make good, esteem, approve;
to make credible, show, prove, demonstrate
secus (adv.)
otherwise, differently;
otherwise than right, wrongly, unfortunately
sedulitas, tatis (f.)
assiduity, application, persistency, earnestness
sedulus, a, um
persistent, busy, diligent, careful
scisco, sciscere, scivi, scitus (cf. scio)
to accept, approve, assent to
scitus, a, um
things - suitable, fit, proper
persons - knowing, experienced, clever
eiusmodi, cuiusmodi
of that sort, of such a sort, such
dignus, a, um
worthy, deserving, suitable
(+ abl)
existimatio, onis (f.)
judgment, judging, opinion, estimate, verdict
indeed, even, certainly;
vel (introducing a single instance)= for example, in particular, especially
vel + superlat. = perhaps, it may be
confirmo, are, avi, atus
to establish, strengthen;
confirm; assert
encourage, cheer;
prove, demonstrate
invenio, ire, inveni, inventus
to find;
invent, discover;
acquire, get, earn
detraho, detrahere, detraxi, detractus
to remove, withraw;
to take away, deprive, rob;
prorsus (adv.)
by all means, utterly, absolutely, entirely