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does floating refer to the depth , width or rhythm of the pulse?
what does a long pulse mean?
The upright qi is strong and it can indicate an excess.
What does a deep pulse mean?
there are interior syndromes and obstructions
what is the pulse for cold syndrome?
what does a floating pulse mean?
that there is an exterior syndrome, yin xu or internal wind.
What is the pulse for heat syndrome?
Does a thin pulse refer to the width, depth or length or shape?
A big pulse means what?
An excess,heat in the stomach or the intestines.
does bi refer to the depth, width or shape?
what does an empty pulse mean?
qi and blood xu
Full refers to the shape. what does a full pulse mean?
excess syndrome, perverse qi is strong
what is perverse qi?
pathogenic qi/evil qi
does slippery refer to shape?
what does a slippery pulse mean?
excess syndromes, phlegm or dampness, retention of food or pregnancy
Does choppy refer to the shape or the rhythm?
A person with stagnation will have what kind of pulse?
what does a tight pulse mean?
stagnation, excess, cold or pain
what does a wiry pulse mean?
stagnation, liver and gall bladder diseases, water and fluid diseases
what does a short pulse mean?
qi xu
A knotted pulse refers to rhythm but what does it mean?
that there is cold obstructing qi and blood or qi, blood and jing xu
A hurried pulse means what?
there is heat agitating the qi and blood, excessive heat damages the yin
an intermittent pulses means what
it refers to the rhythym and means there is a heart disorder, an exhausted state of the organs or yuan qi is failing
A flooding pulse reffers to the strength and depth but what does it mean?
excessive heat damages the yin
A minute pulse refers to the width and the shape but what does it mean?
that there is blood and qi xu
A frail pulse refers to what?
the width and depth and mean qi xu
A soggy pulse refers to the width, depth, strength or all three?
all three
What does a soggy pulse mean?
blood xu, jing xu or dampness
A leather pulse refers to the depth and shape but what does it mean?
that there blood xu or jing xu or deficient cold
A hidden pulse means what
that there is cold obstruction (strong), yang xu (weak)
A confined pulse means what?
obstruction due too cold
A moving pulse also called spinning bean occurs when?
in patients having heart palpitations, intense fright, fever or pain
what kind of pulse will a person with blood xu have?
a scattered pulse means what?
the kidney yang is exhausted