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Narrow tx index drugs
antiepileptic drugs (phenytoin, carbamazepine), Digoxin, Theophylline
"red flag" drugs
cisapride, cyclosporine, MAOi, PIs, warfarin
CYP450 inh.
cimetide, ciprofloxacin, e-mycin, itraconazole
CYP450 inducers
rifampin, barbiturates, cambamezepine, smoking
precipitant drugs that affects binding in the gi tract
calcium, antacids, iron, magnesium, sucralfate
precipitant drugs that affect binding in the gi tract decreases the absorption of?
Quinolones, tetracyclines, Methlydopa, levodopa
solution to interactiing drug with precipitant drugs that affect binding in the gi tract
administer affected drug 2h before or 6h after precipitant drug -or- administer affected drug through a different route
precipitant drugs that lowers cholesterol
cholestyramine and colestipol
precipitant drugs (binding resins) decreases absorption of ________and solution?
warfarin and thiazide diuretics (may use colsevalem)
precipitant drugs that are used for overdoses
activated charcoal, kaolin-pectin, and antacids
precipitant drugs used in overdoses decreases the absorption of?
clindamycin, metronidazole, and digoxin
precipitant drugs that causes changes in the gastric pH
antacids, H2RAs, PPIs, didanosine
precipitant drugs that causes changes in the gastric pH Dec. absorption (therefore dec. F) of ______? and soln.?
Atazanavir, dapsone, itraconazole, ketoconazole. Administer 2h before or 6h after antacids. for antifungals- may want to switch to fluconazole (do not depend on gastric pH). Monitor the affects of dapsone.
Precipatant drugs that causes protien binding displacements
warfarin, tolbutamine, methotrexate, and phenytoin
Precipatant that causes protien biding displacement displaces?? (therefore inc. their conc.)
Aspirin, sulfonamides, and chloral hydrate.