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HbE associated with which geographic location?
SE asia
Which thalassemias are especially common in East asia?
alpha thalassemias--HbH, hydrops fetalis, and other alpha globin probs (alpha thal trait common worldwide)
stem cell marker
major cause of death in PNH?
major diagnostic criteria for Pvera?
**increased RBC mass (HGB), **no secondary cause, clonal cytogenetic abnl, autonomous growth in culture
minor diagnostic criteria for Pvera?
thrombocytosis, leukocytosis, marrow panmyelosis, low serum EPO
good prognostic factors for AML?
t(8;21), inv16, t(15;17), younger age, no myeloid dysplasia
most common leukemias in adult?
AML--~80% of adult leukemias (also common in neonate)
why shouldn't you treat APL with conventional chemo?
all the granules will degranulate-->DIC!
bad prognostic factors for ALL
age<1, >12; Ph+; MLL gene (11q23); CNS dz; high WBC; comorbid conditions
good prognostic factors for ALL?
1<age<12; hyperploidy >50
drugs associated with neutrophilia?
**corticosteroids**, lithium, growth factors
prognostic factors for NHL
Age (>60), PS>2, LDH>1xnl, extranodal sites, stage III or IV
prognostic factors for HL
sr albumin<4; HGB<10; male; age>45y/o; WBC>15k; stage IV; abs lymphocytes<600 or <8% of total
which malignant lymphomas have bimodal age distribution?
CNS maybe affected in which malignant lymphomas?
ALL (sanctuary site!), diffuse large cell, Burkitt's
which malignant lymphomas tend to be aggressive?
ALL, diffuse large cell, mantle cell, BURKITT'S, systemic anaplastic