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When is RBC osmotic fragility increased?
in any condition in which spherocytes are present (p.67); ex: warm AIHA, ABO incompatibility in baby
Treatment of hereditary spherocytosis?
cured by splenectomy but mshould give polyvalent vaccines prior (p.67); transfusions only if aplastic crisis occurs
What often precipitates aplastic crisis in hereditary spherocytosis?
parvovirus infection!
Normal PT ?
clotting usually occurs within 11-14 seconds (p.2)
Normal APTT?
~25-38 seconds (p.3)
Common causes of DIC? (4)
septicemia (esp gram neg); malignancies, esp ones that make mucin (ex APL, adenocarcinoma); hemolytic transfusion reactions; obstetric d/o (ex amniotic fluid embolism, placental abruption) p. 14
Lab findings in DIC
thrombocytopenia, schistocytes, microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, PT and PTT prolongation, dec'd fibrinogen, high D dimers
What infections associated with cold AIHA?
mycoplasma and mononucleosis
Causes of warm AIHA?
Half idiopathic; half either drug (alpha-methyldopa!) or autoimmune d/o (SLE!) related p.70
Tx of warm AIHA?
prednisone, splenectomy, and maybe immunosuppressive agts (p.70)
Why is hydroxyurea used in management of sickle cell?
even though hydroxyurea is an antimetabolite Rx (specific inhibitor of ribonucleotide reductase, p163), in causes induction of Hb F (p.78)
Name the dz: Heinz bodies, "bite cells", hemoglobinuria after taking med, e.g. phenacetin
G6PD deficiency; acute intravascular hemolysis if oxidatively stressed (p.68)
Name the dz: hypochromic microcytic anemia with increased RDW and thrombocytosis?
Fe deficiency anemia
Which heme conditions lead to nuclear-cytoplasmic asynchrony?
megaloblastic anemia (vit def) and some myelodysplastic syndromes (aka megaloblastoid maturation) p.119
Features of MDS in erythroid series?
erythroid hyperplasia, megaloblastoid maturation, binucleated precursors, dysplastic nuclear morphology, ringed sideroblasts (p.119)
Treatment for MDS?
supportive care (Abs), periodic transfusions, and **lenalinomide** (an angiogenesis inhibitor, like thalidomide) p.120
Top of your list Dx: microcytic RBC with a few target cells?
thalassemia minor (p.100)
Top of your list Dx: microcytic RBC, hypochromic RBC, target cells, and normoblasts (nucleated RBC in peripheral blood)?
thalassemia major (p.101)
What are Howell Jolly bodies and assoc'd with which conditions?
clusters of DNA remaining in RBC b/c of damaged/absent spleen; in young erythrocytes in response to anemia; seen in hyposplenism, hereditary spherocytosis, sickle cell anemia (Wikipedia!)
Target cells assoc'd with which heme conditions?
hemoglobinopathies (sickle and thalassemia), liver dz, and thalassemia (is this "hemoglobinopathy"?)
DDx for macrocytic hyperchromic anemia?
megaloblastic anemia (vit def) and non-megaloblastic (liver dz, MDS, HIV, chemo)
DDx for normocytic normochromic anemia?
anemia of chronic dz, acute blood loss, hemolytic anemias (immune and nonimmune--membrane d/o, Hb d/o, enzyme d/o, SC d/o, BM d/o)
Top of your list Dx: target cells + microcytic RBC + basophilic stippling + normoblast=
S-thalassemia (p.103)
Which heme condition can cause anemia WITH nl or increased RBC?
thalassemia MINOR
In which two heme conditions do you see spherocytosis?
hereditary spherocytosis (membrane defect) and autoimmune hemolytic anemia
Mantle cell lymphoma (bcl-1+)
Burkitt's lymphoma involving myc (8)
follicular cell lymphoma (germinal centers will stain pos for bcl-2, an antiapoptotic)
trisomy 8
marker for non G0 cells. (good for Burkitt's where most cells are NOT in G0 cuz growing too fast)