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collagen in lamina lucida?
atypical type IV
what type of collagen in lamina densa?
type VII
Kartagener's syndrome
dextrocardia and abnl cilial organelles leads to defective mucociliary clearance in bronchi
Staph SSS vs toxic epidermal necrolysis
SSSS-supcorneal blister; TEN--subepi blister with confluent necrosis of epi, + Nikolsky sign
sporadic vs familial porphyria cutanea tarda
sporadic--enzyme activity dec'd only in liver; familial--activity dec'd in all tissues, including erythrocytes; (enzyme= uroporphyringen decarboxylase)
typical porphyria cutanea tarda pt?
40 y/o male with EtOH abuse
urine test for PCT?
fluoresces pink to orange-red with wood's lamp
drug tx for PCT?
antimalarials (plaquenil)
macroglossia + carpal tunnel syndrome (and raccoon eyes), think?
Muir-Torre syndrome
AD d/o with sebaceous neoplasms, keratoacanthomas, adenocarcinoma of colon (Lynch II!)
Sweet's syndrome assoc'd with what, esp in elderly?
Sweet's syndrome assoc'd with what in kids?
strep URI
painful red edematous papules/plaques + fever and peripheral neutrophila=
Sweet's syndrome
"satellite" lesions seen in what derm thing?
candida infection (like diaper rash)
"spaghetti and meatballs" on KOH
tinea versicolor
what is nevus sebaceous?
"birthmakr", yellow-orange plague on scalp w/o hair; benign hamartoma; gets bigger under hormones
name the dz: smooth, shiny hairless patch on scalp at birth, may have "hair collar" sign
aplasia cutis congenita (if hair collar sign--underlying CNS defect!)
port wine stain vs. "salmon patch"
pwstain--unilateral, permanent; sp--midline, transient
Basal cell nevus syndrome
AD, with BCCs, palmar pitting, mandibular cysts, hypertelorism, bifid ribs, partial agenesis of corpus callosum, , medulloblastoma, ovarian fibromas
Basal cell nevus syndrome assoc'd with what csome prob?
retraction artifact
space seen b/t basal cell islands and surrounding matrix, due to mucopolysaccharides and loss of anchoring fibrils (BCC)
erythroplasia of Queyrat
variant of in situ SCC--on genitalia
what skin cancer often has perineural invasion
SCC (esp facial n and trigeminal n)
PTC gene mutation assoc'd with what skin cancer?
BCC (9q22, basal cell nevus syndrome!)
what drugs are CONTRAINDICATED for tx of psoriasis?
systemic corticosteroids (may provoke flare up)
adverse effects of plaquenil
GI disturbance, blue-gray hyperpigmentation, OCULAR TOXICITY
MOA of imiquimod
activates innate immunity by bidning to TLR which -->IFN
angiocentric dermatoses
urticaria (dermal change only!), necrotizing vasculitis
spongiotic dermatosis ex
allergic contact dermatitis
interface dermatosis ex
discoid lupus erythematous, lichen planus
histo of discoid lupus
epidermal atrophy (loss of rete ridge), hyperkeratosis, diffuse lymphocyte infiltrate, pigment incontinence
basal cell vacuolization, necrotic keratinocytes, pigment incontinence assoc'd with what dermatoses?
interface (discoid lupus, lichen planus)