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body observation includes
body shape, physique, demeanor, movement
yin organ that pertains to body hair
yin organ that pertains to face
yin organ that pertains to nails
yin organ that pertains to lips
yin organ that pertains to head hair
wood type body shape will have (face color)
green face color
earth body type will have what type of face
good luster is found where
complexion, hair and eyes
strong shen =
sparkling eyes, lively experssion, alert mind, keen reflexes
facial paralyisi caused by
invasion of external wind
slight tremors of the head are caused by
internal wind
guest complexion colors are effected by
seasonal factors
patient exhibits with a pronounced tremor of their had
full wind
contractions / rigidity of joints can be caused by
dampness, blood stasis, blood deficiency, cold
dry scalp
liver and kidney yin deficiency
acne of the face
damp heat
acute edema
invasion of lung by wind-water
chornic edema
spleen/lung yang deficiency
tremors of head, like in parkinsons disease
liver wind
hair growth and thickness depend on the state of
liver and kidney
greasy hair
this may cause dandruff
liver blood deficiency
other causes of dandruff may include
which has nothing to do with the eyes - LI, GB, SI, HE, SP
what organ relates to the upper eyelid
sunkin eyes are always due to
a deficient condition
mouth and lips are primaily influenced by
st, li, st and sp
most common cause of dry lips
st/sp yin deficiency
mouth ulcers are not caused by - Liver Yang Rising, ST-Heat, Heart Fire, Yin Deficiency, ST/SP Qi Deficiency
liver yang rising
teeth and gums are closely related to
ki, st, li
sore swollen tonsils =
heat/toxic heat (st,li)
cystes in the breasts are due to
nails take how many days to grow
150 - 180 days
which channel is not related to the genitals - stomach, Du, KID, LIV, Chong
qi edema is due to
qi edema does no cause pitting
dark body skin indicates
severe ki deficiency
hair on the body generally reflects the state of the
localized flat area of color change without infiltration of skin
on a childs index finger the most proximal crease =
wind gate
patient should extend tongue for no more than
15 seconds
red tongue without coating (or little patches)
full heat
list the 10 basic inquir ?'s
aversion to cold and fever
head and body
food and taste
stool and urine
hearing and tinnitus
thirst and drink
distending pain is due to
qi stagnation
what can be felt/palpated
distension and fullness - fullness cannot be seen
which pulse always indicates cold
pulse that feels hard, full and long, has resistance to finger pressure and is felt at all levels
full pulse
pulse that feels relatively big at superficial level and is soft and disappears with light pressure
empty pulse
what point is located near palmar digital artery
list the 3 ?'s included for inquiry
emotions, sexual activity and energy levels
thin tongue =
blood or yin fluid deficiency
sublingual veins distended but not dark =
qi stagnation
flaccid and flabby tongue =
lack of body fluids or blood
tongue with teethmarks on the sides indicates chronic condition of
sp qi deficiency
leg atrophy is chronic deficiency of
sp and st
in the elderly, leg rigidity is due to
ki yin deficiency
pirapism =
ki yin w/empty heat
short transverse cracks on side of tongue =
liver yin deficiency
tongue coating reflects the state of
yang organs