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True or False: Trimming a region with the trimmer tool is a non destructive operation.
Which type of stereo file may be Added to a Pro Tools session?
Split Stereo
True of False: Regions are graphic representations of audio that point to an audio file.
Which of the plug-in formats can only perform off-line (non realtime) audio processing?
Audio Suite
True of False: The Workspace in Pro Tools functions as a dedicated file system browser window used for managing media.
What is DAW, what does it do?
Digital Audio Workstation. Allows playback, editing, recording, mixing, & more.
True or False: HTDM plug-ins can run on M-Powered, LE and TDM Pro Tools systems.
True of False: Session files also contain preferences.
What is the number of bits used to describe the amplitude of a sample called?
Bit Depth
What is a plug-in?
Software add-on for audio processing in your DAW.
Native systems are also known as what?
Host based
What audio file type cant be used in a Windows-based Pro Tools system?
Sound Designer 2
Which key is used in Pro Tools to start playback?
True or False: Wave cache files can be deleted without harming the session or your system.
True or False: Analog audio uses stepped, numeric increments to represent a signal's amplitude at a given time.
False. Thats digital.
True or False: Sample Rate is the number of times per second an audio signal's amplitude is measured and converted into a number.
What are bits in the binary numeral system?
Data in the form of 0's and 1's. Smallest unit of measurement for data.
What type of audio file is compressed using perceptual coding so that it requires less storage space?
What units of measurement are used to measure frequency?
Hertz (Hz) & Cycles Per Second (CPS)
What is the sample rate and bit depth used for audio cd's?
44.1 sample rate, 16 bit depth
True or False: VST plug-ins are native to Pro Tools.
How much does dynamic range increase by adding a single bit to samples' word length?
6 dB
What are 3 options to import audio into a Pro Tools session in its' Import Audio Window?
Add, Copy, Convert
True or False: Pro Tools session files contain a 'map' of all the elements associated with a project including tracks, audio files, video files, etc.
What is a crossfade?
When 2 audio regions overlap and one fades out at the same time the other fades in.
Which type of Pro Tools system is non host based?
True of False: In Pro Tools, interleaved stereo files are primarily used for burning audio CD's or converting to MP3.
True or False: Audio files that are Added to a session (from the Import Audio Window) are automatically stored in that session's audio files folder.