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What are 3 ways to add a Meter Event?
ADD METER CHANGE ("+" symbol) at the left of the Meter Ruler.

Double-click the CURRENT METER button in the Transport Window.

Hold CONTROL in the Meter ruler, the cursor will change into a Grabber with a "+", click where you want to insert the event.
What is the default METER in Pto Tools?


Default TEMPO?
METER: 4/4

KEY: C Major

TEMPO: 120

If you select Edit Pitched Tracks but DO NOT select a Transpose or Constrain option, NO CHANGE will be applied to existing MIDI data.
How do you delete an existing KEY CHANGE EVENT?
Option-click on a Key Change Event in the Key Change Ruler with any edit tool.
How do you change a track to non-pitched, meaning it won't be affected by Key Changes?
Click the track's PLAYLIST SELECTOR and de-select the "pitched" option.
How do you open the ADD BAR/BEAT MARKERS dialogue box?
Event> Identify Beat

Command- I
What are two ways to launch AMS?
Setup> MIDI> MIDI Studio

Or launch Audio MIDI Setup from the applications folder
How many Timing Pulses does MIDI Beat Clock contain per quarter note?
What menu is MIDI Beat Clock in?
Setup> MIDI> MIDI Beat Clock
What kind of plug-ins ARE NOT listed in MIDI beat Clock?
Plug-ins that Self Configure to receive MIDI Beat Clock are not listed.
What are 5 advantages of routing MIDI through Pro Tools?
You can record your MIDI performances as audio at any time.

You will be able to work in a single integrated environment.

You can use plug-ins to process audio from you MIDI instruments.

You can use PT automation for the mixer channels.

Your mixer settings will be stored and recalled as part of the session.
What menu is Disk Allocation located in?
What is the difference between PLAY LISTS and TAKE LISTS?

What are 5 ways to enable Quick Punch?
Options> QuickPunch

QuickPunch button on your control surface

Right-Click the Record button and select "QuickPunch"


Control-Click the Record button until there's a "P"

You need an additional free voice held in reserve for each record-enabled track when using QuickPunch.

the same goes for TrackPunch.
How many running punches are allowed per record take?
Up to 200

When a track is record-enabled, PT automatically suspends Delay Compensation for that track.
How do you enable TrackPunch?
Options> TrackPunch

Right-Click the Record button and select "TrackPunch"

Control-Click the Record button until there's a "T"
How do you perform a TrackPunch?
Enable TrackPunch.

Right-Click the Record enable button on each track you want to TrackPunch enable (solid blue).

Click the Record button in the Transport to arm it (flashing blue/red).

Begin playback and click the Record button on any TrackPunch enabled track to initiate recording on that track.

Click the record enable button to punch out and suspend recording for that track, while continuing playback.
How do you initiate recording on all TrackPunch enabled tracks?

On selected TrackPunch enabled tracks?
Option-clicking (the record enable button) will initiate recording on all TrackPunch enabled tracks.

Shift-Option-Clicking will initiate recording on all selected TrackPunch enabled tracks.
What are some ADVANTAGES for using QuickPunch/TrackPunch?
You can activate instantaneous recording on the fly during playback.

You can record discontinuous regions without stopping playback.

You capture all incoming material during a playback and recording pass.

You can punch in on multiple tracks simultaneously with one key press.
What are some DISADVANTAGES for using QuickPunch/TrackPunch?
Two voices are required for each record enabled track (one for recording, one for playback).

You may encounter a slight pause when you start playback.

Playback looping is not active.
What is the default track monitoring mode?
AUTO INPUT monitoring.

You hear the live input on record enabled tracks while PT is stopped or actively recording, but you hear the recorded material during playback.
What is the other track monitoring mode, besides AUTO INPUT and what does it do?
INPUT ONLY monitoring enables you to always hear the live input signal to the track, regardless of the Transport or record-enable state.
How do you change the monitoring mode of ALL RECORD/ENABLED tracks?
Track> Set Record Tracks to Auto Input

Track> Set Record Tracks to Input Only

Option- K to toggle between both modes

What menu is it located in?
This cancels TrackInput on audio tracks whenever they are taken out of record-enable mode and switches the tracks to Auto Input mode.

When disabled, audio tracks will remain in TrackInput mode until explicitly switched to Auto Input monitoring.


In what menu is it located?
When enabled, this mutes live input on tracks that are record-enabled when the Transport is stopped.

When DISABLED (default), PT monitors live input on tracks that are record-enabled.

How do you enable LOOP RECORD?
Control- Click the REC Button until you see the "loop" arrow.

Right-Click the REC Button and select "Loop" from the pop-up menu

Option- L

Options> Loop Record

[5] With Key Focus Enabled
When Loop Recording, which passes include preroll?
Only the first
When Loop Recording, what happens to the take if you stop BEFORE the half-way point of that pass?

if you stop AFTER the half-way point?
That take is discarded and the previous complete take appears on the track.

The partial take will be displayed.
How do you access multiple takes in a track playlist?
Command-Click with the Selector tool.
Where to you configure the behavior of the Multiple Takes List?
It limits the takes list to regions that were recorded on the current track/playlist
This limits the takes list to regions that match the the length of the current selection
This preference lets you make cuts at the same locations on all takes in the list simultaneously. Disabled by default.
How do you create a new Playlist?
Click on the track's Playlist selector and click "new".
What options do you have when duplicating tracks?
Active Tracks

Alternate Playlists




Group Assignments

Insert After Last Checked
How do you duplicate tracks?
Track> Duplicate

Which Input Mode(s) will enable you to monitor live input on record-enabled tracks when the Pro Tools transport is stopped?

Auto Input and Input Only are different only after playback begins.
What are three different ways to record multiple takes for comping a recording?
Recording multiple passes:

...with Loop Record

...on separate Playlists

...on separate Tracks
What are the 2 general types of Virtual Instruments?
Plug-in Virtual Instrument Applications-
real-time software plug-ins that run within PT

Stand-Alone Virtual Instrument Applications-
software that runs independently of PT (using ReWire)
What does RTAS stand for?

What does TDM stand for?
Real-Time AudioSuite

Time Division Multiplexing
What are some key characteristics of TDM plug-ins?
They rely on TDM hardware for processing

They are not affected by host CPU performance

Low latency

Not available on LE or M-powered systems
What is the key characteristic of RTAS plug-ins?
They rely on the host computer's processing power.
What are 3 scenarios when an RTAS plug-in uses 2 voices per channel?
When it is inserted:

...AFTER a TDM plug-in on any kind of track

...on an Aux input or Master Fader

...on an Instrument track that does not contain an instrument plug-in
How many audio streams can can PT receive from ReWire compatible applications?
Up to 64
What are 3 applications that compatible with ReWire?
REASON from Propellerhead

LIVE from Ableton

PROJECT-5 from Cakewalk
List 2 common scenarios for setting up and routing ReWire applications?
Using individual virtual sound modules.

Synchronizing with a virtual studio application
What are some of the limitations of using ReWire for a virtual instrument in PT?
ReWire application data is not saved with PT.

You are unable to use PT's advanced automation functions to control virtual instruments in a ReWire application. You would only be able to automate the mixer channels, or use Continuous controller messages.
I.D. These 3 Librarian Controls
Previous Setting.

Next Setting

"two squares"
SETTINGS SELECT button. This opens the plug-in Settings dialogue box. This lists all the patches for the current plug-in and settings folder.
To switch between folders, press: Command-Up Arrow/Down Arrow
How do you automatically audition plug-in settings?
Click on the Settings Select button to open the Plug-In Settings dialogue box.

Then enable INCREMENT PATCH (AUTOMATIC STEP-THROUGH) in the Plug-in Settings dialogue box.
What are some of the dragging possibilities for plug-ins that support Drag and Drop functionality?
Dragging regions to a plug-in window from tracks, browsers and the region list.

Dragging regions from a plug-in to the Region List or directly to the Timeline in a compatible track.

Dragging and dropping MIDI data from a plug-in to the Timeline or the Region List.
What are 3 ways to add a Key Signature?
Click the "+" button on the left of the Key Signature ruler

Control-Click the Key Signature ruler where you want the change to take place.

Event> Add Key Change
What is an Instrument track comprised of?
An Aux track and a MIDI track.
How do you set the Click Countoff options?
Double-Click the Metronome or Countoff button in the Transport


Setup> Click/Countoff
How do you enable/disable Dynamic Transport?

Options> Dynamic Transport
How do you open the MIDI Event list?
Event> MIDI Event List

Option (=)

Control-Double Click on a MIDI or Instrument track in either window
How many sends can you have on one track
An eight note (1/8) has a tick value of...?
How do you preview a MIDI region from the region list?
How any modules does Synchronic have?
What are 3 versions of MIDI CC?
No Support

Fixed CC Assignments

Editable/Learnable CC Assignments
Where do you enable "Plug-In Controls Default to Auto-Enabled" ?
Setup> Preferences> Mixing Tab
Why should you use PT automation as opposed to CC Events whenever possible?
PT automation has higher resolution and lower latency
What are 2 similarities between PT automation and CC Events?
Event graphs can be displayed, drawn, and edited in the Edit Window, similar to automation playlists.

When you move a region, the CC data is included, just as the corresponding PT automation.
With MIDI Thru enabled, what should be disabled?
Local control
Which button will allow you to set a default program change?
whAT IS TRUE ABOUT FLATTEN PERFORMANCE/restore performance MIDI feature?
manually oved or edited notes cannot be restored
the region list heading
region pad
how t streamline the region list with region groups and subsets
select show and uncheck auto created
which is true
PT supports unlimited edit region playlists on audio tracks
Import session data can be used for
importing blank tracks with input output
app data is not saved with the PT session data
tempo marker
affects the tempo marker before and after
R and T in a region
track-based and region based real time properties
window config can't store
window config list
replace region
command shift and drag he new region onto the region to be replaced
timing variations when the CPU delays playing MIDI
MIDI jitter
applying snapshot automation
clock is for speed
position is for time
import session data cant
import preferences
MIDI beat clock is
based on your sessions tempo
sample tank
second column is the channel
structure editor window
trigger threshold sliders
are red blue and yellow
automatic delay compensation
it automatically compensates for I/O latency
MIDI performance with automatic delay compensation active
all of the above
MIDI offsets
may be applied globally and/or on a track by track basis
how may an output be mirrored
hold control and choose additional outputs
a signal that communicates where a device is in time
positional reference
to insert a meter change
control with grabber
samplers and audio and MIDI effects
sound replacer
is color coded
automatch applies to
delete a beat trigger
option click with the grabber tool
triangle pencil tool is not available
tempo editor
A or C
not true of catalogs
placing a file in a catalog creates a copy of a file
how many window configurations
after write pass switch to
touch, latch, no change
write to current
writes automation to currently displayed playlist
when going from higher to lower bit depth
to reduce edit sessions density
xpand preset contains
4 parts
change time
doesnt exist
high emphasis
when generating beat triggers
setting a track to "no input"
will not free up the voice
is not found in I/O set up
What 4 options do you have in the Time Operations window?
Change Meter
Insert Time
Cut Time
Move Song Start
What are the 5 view formats for the System Usage window?
Gas Gauge (default)
Activity Only
What Options do you have in the Insert Time window?
Start, End, Length
Set Meter
What are 3 behavior options for the Solo button, where are they located and what do they do?
Options> Solo Mode

Pressing subsequent solos adds them to the solo mix

Cancels previously selected solos so that only a single track is soloed at a time

The track is only soloed while the solo button is held down
What options do you have in the Change Meter window?
New Meter
Starting at Bar
Apply Change to
What are the 3 versions of the Time Adjuster plug-in?

What are their delay ranges?
Max delay of 256 samples at all sample rates

Max delay of 2048 samples at all sample rates

Max delay of 8192 samples at all sample rates
What are the choices for Paste Special?
Repeat to Fill Selection
To Current Automation Type
Clear Special, Cut Special and Copy Special give you what 3 choices for automation?
All Automation
Pan Automation
Plug-in Automation
What are the 3 types of Inserts and what do they do?
Hardware I/O Inserts:
For inserting an outboard signal processor

Software Inserts:
For TDM and RTAS plug-ins

Instrument Plug-ins:
For generating audio
What are 3 options for the Audio Volume Indicator and how fo you toggle between them?
Command- Click the Audio Volume Indicator

Level appears as "VOL"

Peak appears as "pk"

Channel Delay appears as "dly"
List 4 criteria for refining a search
# of channels
Bit Depth
Sample Rate
What options do you have in the Cut Time window?
Start, End, Length
How would you create a separate mix while simultaneously outputting your main mix?
By using sends to group different parts of the session and route them to external hardware
What are 3 scenarios when an RTAS plug-in uses 2 voices per channel?
When it's inserted:

on an Aux Input or Master Fader

on an Instrument Track that does not contain an instrument plug-in

after a TDM plug-in on any kind of track
What is the difference between TDM plug-ins and RTAS plug-ins? What are the advantages?
TDM rely on DSP processing power
-very low latency and virtually no impact on overall peformance

RTAS rely on the host processing power
-useful for simple processing to free up DSP for complex processing
What options do you have when duplicating tracks?
Active Playlist
Alternate Playlists
Group Assignments
Insert after Last Selected
In Structure, what do Key Switches do?
They change control values rather than trigger notes
What kind of engine does Structure use?
64 voice, multitimbral
What 3 things can a MIDI track contain?
MIDI notes
Controller Data
How many pulses does MIDI Beat Clock have per 1/4 note?
How many separate channels of MIDI info can be sent over a single MIDI cable?
How do you turn on/off a Part in Xpand?
Click on the blue indicator light next to the part's letter
How many preset folders does Xpand include
How many parts does Xpand have?
(A, B, C, D)
What do you have to enable to record MIDI data on an Instrument Track?

Options> MIDI Thru