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What does the term "loop unity gain" refer to?
When the speaker reinforcing the source, and the source's level are equal at the console.
Name 3 things that factor into the potential for feedack.
Speaker Responce
Microphone Responce
Acoustic Environment
What is potential acoustic gain?
Maximum amount of gain a system has before feedback.
When is a sound system considered to be sufficient in providing adequate SPL without feeding back?
What PAG is greater or equal to NAG
How does changing the distance between the source and the mic affect acoustic gain?
Half the distance - gain 6dB
How does the number of open mics on stage affect acoustic gain?
More mics less acoustic gain.

* Double the mics lose 3dB *
In what 4 ways is EMI transmitted or introduced into an audio syatem?
Common Impedance Coupling
Electric Field Coupling
Magnetic Field Coupling
Electromagnetic Radiation (RFI)
What are some ways we can reduce the levels of EMI?
Shields - Absorb & Reflect
Twisting, Figure 8, Cross at 90∘
Fix pin 1 problem
Balanced Interconnection
Explain how a balanced differential input is ble to reduce EMI.
Through common mode rejection.
* What does "balanced" really mean? *
Equal impedance compared to ground.
What is the most common system used for technical grounding in an audio system?
Isolated Star Ground
What is the Pin 1 problem?
XLR Input and Output pin 1 tied to circuit ground.
How can we fix the pin 1 problem?
Tie XLR input and output pin 1 directly to chassis ground.
What is the maximum recomended length of an unbalanced cable run?
10 feet.
List 3 primary factors determining power loss in speaker cable runs.
How does reactance affect a speaker cable?
Frequency responce.
What does the 5 percent rule state?
Cable resistance should never exceed 5% of load resistance.
What is damping factor?
The ability of how well an amplifier and "control" a speaker.
Name 4 types of transducers used in loadspeaker enclosures.
Exotic - Servo Drive
What is Fs?
Resonant frequency of the driver.
Determined by finding the peak imedance.
What is Vas?
Less air = Stiffer suspension
What is Qts?
Total resonance magnification at Fs.
Name 5 basic enclosure types.
What does the parameter Xmax signify.
Maximum amount of driver's cone excursion in millimeters.
What is a "vertex"?
A point in space represented by X, Y, and Z coordinates.
What is a "face"?
Collection of verticies that make up a plane, that had acoustic properties.
What information does a speaker model file contain?
Sensitivity Data
Balloon Attenuation Data
Why is it important to press the F6 key?
It saves your work to the parent program.