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The Date Abram enters Canaan
2090 BC
The Exodus from Egypt
1446 BC
Beginning of Temple Construction in Jerusalem
966 BC
Kingdoms split Irael North, Judah south
931 BC
Judah's 70- year captivity in Babylon
605-536 BC
Babylonians take Jerusalem, temple destroyed
586 BC
Last Book of the Old Testament, Nehemiah completed
400 BC
Cleisthenes establishes democracy in Athens
505 BC
Persian Wars- Persia defeated
499-479 BC
Height of Athenian culture
470-431 BC
The Peloponnesian War(s)
431- 404 BC
Reign of Alexander the Great/ Persia conquered
336-323 BC
The Hellenistic Age
323-27 BC
Roman Republic
509-27 BC
Julius Caesar Assasinated
44 BC
Birth of the Roman Empire
27 BC
Rule of Octavian(Augustus Caesar) as first emperor
27-14 AD
Pax Romana (Roman peace)
27- 180 AD
Birth of Jesus Christ
c. 5-4 BC
Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus
30 AD
Fire of Rome, Nero launches persecutions
64 AD
Jerusalem destroyed by Titus
70 AD
Edict of Milan- Religious Freedom for Christians
313 AD
1st Council of Nicaea outlines position on Deity of Christ
325 AD
Athanasius outlines a statement on the NT canon
367 AD
Roman Bishop (Leo 1) began to claim supremacy over other bishops
440 AD
"Fall" of the Roman Empire
476 AD