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Hannibal crossed the Alps in this year
218 BCE
He moved the Western capital of the Roman Empire to Mediolanum
Maxentius defeated in the battle of the Milvian Bridge
312 CE
Who held the title of Auqustus in the east after the conference of Carnutium?
P. Crassus helps Caesar win a battle against the Suebi in what year
58 CE
Dates of Jovian's short return to Christianity?
363-64 CE
Gergovia: who won it and when?
Vercingetorix in 58 CE
Declared emperor at 4 yrs old
by the army at Aquincum in what year?
375 CE
What advisor of Arcadius was killed by agents of his western counterpart who wanted to re-unite the empire?
Who started the construction of the Colosseum?