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Abraham and Sarah
2000 BCE
Exodus from Egypt and settlement in Land of Israel under Moses and Joshua
1250 BCE
King David begins first commonwealth; builds Jerusalem, successor of Saul
975 BCE
Northern Kingdom of Israel and Southern Kingdom of Judah; Commonwealth splits
925 BCE
Northern Kingdom destroyed by Assyria; Sennacherib takes over and totally destroys people
722 BCE
Southern Kindgom destroyed by Babylonia; end of first commonwealth
586 BCE
Return from Babylonian exile; beginning of the second Jewish commonwealth
536 BCE
Writing down of the Torah
586-536 BCE
1 CE
Rome destroys second temple, end of second jewish commonwealth
70 CE
Promulgation of Mishnah
200 CE
Jews expelled from Spain
1492 CE
1933-45 CE
Birth of the State of Israel; the third Jewish commonwealth
1948 CE