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Sorting data in alphabetical order from A-Z or numerical order from 0-9.
Comparison Operators
Symbols used in search criteria. (>, <, =, >=, <=, <>)
Words such as AND, OR and NOT that join certain conditions together when performing a search.
A numeric type which add a $ sign to number.
An organized collection of information.
Database Management System
Software that allows the computer to create a database; add, change, and delete data in the database; sort the data; retrieve the data; and create forms and reports using the data in the database
Date data
Entries in a database that are formatted for data in a particular style. (i.e. 04/15/03 or April 16, 2003)
Sorting data the opposite of ascending order. (Z-A & 9-0)
Data that is keyed into a field.
A category of information in a database
A group of related records
A method to find specific data within a database that meets certain criteria.
Form view
A method of viewing or inputting data that displays only one record at a time.
List view
A method of viewing or inputting data that displays several records at a time.
Numeric data
Entries in a database that are formatted for numbers and can be used in a calculation.
Primary key
The field selected as a unique identifier for the database.
Primary sort
The first field that a database is sorted on.
A group of fields related to one topic.
To arrange data in alphabetical or numerical order.
Text data
Entries in a database that represent text; such as, phone numbers, names, colors.