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DVD-ROMs use the ____ standard to compress video data.
A _______ is similar to a copy machine except that it creates a file of the document instead of a paper copy.
A _______ mechanism requires frequent cleaning because it picks up oils from fingers and dust from the enviornment.
Determines the shape of characters by determining patterns of light and darks. Then compares these shapes with predefined shapes stored in memory to convert the shapes into characters the computer can understand
Optical character recognition
Software programs that conform to the _____ standard allow music and other sounds to be composed and edited.
Some scanner manufacturers refer to the actual scanned resolution as the ____ _____ differtiating if from the resolution when dots are added.
Optical Resolution
To convert a scanned document into a text file that can be edited, it is necessary to have ___ software that works with the scanner.
With a _____ scanner, a large and expensive scanner used in the publishing industry, the item to be scanned rotated around a stationary scanning mechanism.
With a ______ scanner, the item to be scanned is placed on a glass surface under which the scanning mechansim passes.
A three minute segment, or clip of high-quality video can take an entire ________ of storage (equal to approx. 50 million pages of text).
The computers capability of distinguishing spoken words
Speech recognition or Voice recognition
____ is used almost exclusively by the banking industry for check processing.
MICR (Magnetic-ink character recognition
_____ ______ ______ are used in factories, wharehouses, or other locations where heat, humidity, and cleanliness are difficulties are difficult to control.
Data Collection Devices
With some digital cameras, the pictures are stored directly on a floppy disk or on a __ _____.
PC Card
The process of entering a full-motion recording into a computer and storing the video on a hard disk or some other medium
Viseo input or Video capture
_______ are used on grocery and pharmacy supplies; vehicles; and mail and books.
Retail and grocery use the ___ type bar code.
The _____ key erases the character to the left of the insertion point.
The ____ key usually sends the insertion point to a beginning location.
The _____ key is used at the end of command to direct the computer to process the command.
In many programs, pressing the function key ___ displays a Help window.
Placed over the keyboard and allows you to rest your hand on the keyboard without accidentlly pressing any keys; also guides your fingers or pointing device so you press only one key at at time.
A meeting between 2 or more geographically seperated individuals who use a network or the internet to transmit audio and video data
The density of dots that determine sharpness and clearness of the resulting image
Used to read text printed with magnetic ink (used by banks for processing checks)
magnetic-ink character recognition
Allows you to take pictures and store the photodraphed images digitally instead of on traditional film
digital camera
The ____ mouse operation is performed by pointing to an item, holding down the left mouse button, moving the item to a desired location on the screen, and then releasing the left ouse button.
Uses laser beams to read bar codes
bar code scanner
A stationary pointing device with a ball mechanism on its top
Provide menus as a means of entering commands
menu-driven programs
Any data or instruction you enter into the memory of a computer
Uses icons, buttons, and other graphical objects to issue commands.
graphical user interface
A symbol that indicates where on the screen the next character you type will display
insertion point
The ______ key is a toggle key.
An input device that is used to control the movement of the pointer on the screen and to make selections from the screen
A handheld input device that contains a light source or can detect light
light pen
The _________ mouse operation is performed by pressing and releasing the secondary mouse button.
A vertical lever mounted on a base to control movement in different directions (Ex: in a game with a car)
A monitor that has a touch-sensitive panel on the screen
touch screen
Ther esults that are stored in rows and columns of dots when a document is scanned
The process of entering (recording) music, speech, or sound effects
Audio input
A type of keyboard that has 12 function keys along the top, two control keys, two alt keys, and a set of arrows and additional keys between the typing area and the numeric keypad.
enhanced keyboards
The _____ key when pressed in combination with a letter key causes the letter to be uppercase.
The ____ is the most widely used pointing device because it takes full advantage of a graphical user interface.
A specific word, phrase, or code that a program understands as an instruction
______ are often used in kiosks located in stores, hotels, airports, and museums.
Any hardware component that allows you to enter data, programs, commands, and user responses into a computer
input device
Users with precise pointing requirements such as mapmarkers and architects use a _____ when working with a graphics tablet.
The original form of data
source document