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200 kts
Vfe slats + flaps 20
190 kts
Vfe slats + flaps 48
175 kts
82.5 kts

Minimum contol speed with the critical engine inoperative.
Max tire speed on ground.
180 kts
205 kts

Windshield wiper operationg speed.
220 kts

Maximum landing gear extended speed.
190 kts

Maximum landing gear operating speed.
210 kts

Design maneuvering speed.
Vmo / Mmo
Maximum operating limit speed. Viewed on the airspeed indicator as a red barber pole. Like always in aviation, red means not good.
Maximum landing weight
37,715 lb.
Generally 1.5 Vs with slats and flaps 48.

37,715 lb= 38-22=16 x2=32 +100 =132 kts
Engine failure speed, the speed at which 1 engine is assumed to become inop. Before this speed the takeoff can be aborted for any reason. Above V1, the PF releases control of the power levers and the PNF then guards the power levers. Aborting above V1 does not guarantee adequate runway length to stop and in many cases there is more energy, due to the weight and speed than the brakes can absorb.
Maximum brake energy speed is the maximum engine failure speed V1 at which he maximum demonstrated brake energy is not exceeded. The brakes can absorb the energy required to stop the aircraft. Above this speed the brakes may overheat and become worthless. In some cases Vbme can be lower than V1 making the takeoff unsafe, as the brakes may not be able to stop the aircraft should the takeoff be aborted.
Takeoff safety speed. The initial speed reached by the aircraft before it is 35ft. above the takeoff surface with one engine inoperative.