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Homologous Structures
A structure or characteristic with similar functions found in different species; thought to be inherited from common ancestors.
Adaptive Radiation
The emergence of diverse species from a common ancestor due to adaptation to many new environments.
The evolution of one or more new species from a single ancestrial species.
Vestigial Structures
A structure or characteristic that is unused but which is homologous with structures or characteristics in other species, suggesting common ancestry.
Analogous Structures
Characteristics shared by different species that are similar in function, but not inherited from common ancestry.
Divergent Evolution
A process in which once-related population evolve independently, often occurs as a result of geographic isolation.
A process in which two or more populations that closely interact over an extended period of time adapt to one another.
Convergent Evolution
A process in which different species evolve with similar characteristics; often the result of living in a similar environment.