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dar a alguien las gracias por algo
to thank someone for something
¿Le diste las gracias?
Did you thank him? Did you say thank you?
dar a alguien la bienvenida
to welcome someone
No me da la gana
I don't want to. / I don't feel like it.
dar un paseo
to go for a walk
¿quieres dar un paseo?
Would you like to go for a walk
dar una vuelta en coche
to go for a drive
dar una vuelta a la manzana
to go round the block
Le va a dar un ataque cuando lo vea
he'll have a fit when he sees it /
dar patadas a algo / alguien
to kick something / someone
dar asco
to sicken / revolt
Me da asco
It revolts me.
Le dan asco las cebollas.
He can't stand onions.
dar clases: Note: If someone says "doy clases de baile" It is not clear if they are the student or the teacher.
to give classes (teacher)
dar de comer a
to feed:
había que darle de comer al águila con la mano
the eagle had to be fed by hand
dar en el blanco
to hit the target - to get a bullseye
dar la vuelta al mundo
to go round the world
dar un consejo a alguien
to give someone some advice
dar ánimo(s) a alguien
to encourage someone - to urge someone on
darse cuenta de algo
to realise something
No me di cuenta.
I didn't realise.
dar una entrada para algo
to put down a deposit on something
dar un examen
to take an exam
dar fe de algo
to testify to something.
dar la lata
to be a nuisance / to bother someone
siempre está dando la lata
he is always being a nuisance.
dar voces
to shout / scream
dar a luz
to give birth
dar cosa
to feel uncomfortable / awkward about something
Me da cosa preguntarle de nuevo

en un momento dado
at a given moment / time
dado que
given that / since
dado por ...
presumed to be ....
dado por muerto
presumed to be dead
me da hambre:
It makes me feel hungry:
See note: After "me da ..." many expressions are possible: eg: me da envidia = It make me envious
Note that there are many expressions with "me da ...." and they normally mean that something makes you feel something. So you could say "me da hambre" if you are looking a book of delicious recipes for example.
dar pena / lástima
to make sad / to upset / to feel sorry
Me da pena ver a esas personas
It upsets me to see those people
A mí los que me dan pena son los niños
It's the children I feel sorry for
dar guerra
to cause trouble / to hassle
Estos niños me dan mucha guerra
These children give me a lot of hassle
me da lo mismo
it's all the same to me
me da igual
it's the same to me or I couldn't care less:
tuve que darle la razón
I had to admit he was right
dar saltos de alegría
to jump for joy
dar señas / señales de
to show signs of
dar buena / mala suerte
to bring good / bad luck