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David Covenant - Text
2 Samuel 7:12-16
God promised the continuation of the promose to David through Solomon - what two texts?
1 Kgs 6:12, then again 1 Kgs 9:2-5
Rehoboam was given what tribes and where?
Judah and Benjamin - given Jerusalem and the temple.
What King brought about the end of the Southern Kingdom
Manasseh "he filled up the measure of iniquity".
What court does Daniel serve in?
Ruler of the known world
Describe key prophecies of Micah related to the exile and where are these found?
1. Destruction of Temple
2. Exile and Captivity of the daughters of Zion (Mic 3:12, 4:10)
3. Restoration of former dominion - a ruler will come forth from Bethlehem and exalt Mt. Zion (Mic 4:1)
How did Isaiah understand the "final glory" of Zion?
the creation of new heavens and new earth
Provide an overview of Jeremiah's prophecies as they relate to the time period of Daniel
Predicted the Chaldean catastrophe - the people ripe for judgment and carrying away to Babylon - Babylon's destruction after 70 years - the return of the exiles - rebuilding of the desolated city - manifestation of God's grace to them by His entering into a new covenant with them - writing His law on their hearts and forgiving their sins. (p. 7)
With the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple - didn't God fail His promises to Israel?
No, he was winnowing the "incorrigible mass of peole" and prepare the "better portion" of them by creating a righteous remnant - a "holy seed" to whom God might fulfil His covenant promises.