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Dancing Masters- Profession
-Concept of DM developed as a need
-Nobility desired to learn complicated dances
-Nobility needed to develop other skills
-DM taught additional skills
-DM were itinerant (ex:farm workers)
-DM disseminated news
Dates of profession (DM)
-started c. 1525
-Designated "dancing masters" XVII & XVII century
-Court dances waned in popularity by XIX
-Called "Ballet Masters" in ballet
-Called "Dancing Maters" in ball-room
-Term "Dancing Master" dissappeared by XX century
-Today called "Dance Instructor" or "Dance Teacher"
What DM taught...
-Dance; played violin or pochette (smaller violin)
-Taught deportment & etiquette
-Intructed in proper grooming
-Taught "fencing"
-Students were courtiers and future courtiers
-Composed dances for court entertainment
-Came up w/new court dances
-A few composed music
Who DM were...
-Earliest were Jewish
-Talmudic dictum to dance @ weddings
-Many early dancing masters were Italian
-In Paris during reign of Francis I (r.1515-47)
-Many DM were musicians
Balthasar de Beaujoyeulx
-Italy, B. ?-c.1587
-Started as musician
-Came to France c.1555
-Became a DM
-Best known for "Ballet Comique de la Reine" (1581)
Fabritio Caroso
-Italy, c.1553-?
-Taught Rome's elite
-Active in Paris c.1590
-Wrote "Il Ballarino" in 1581
-Document includes choreographed dances
-Also advice on etiquette & social situations
Pierre Beauchamps
-France, 1631-c.1705
-Dancer & DM
-Taught King Louis XIV
Appeared in productions w/Louis
-Formulated his own notation system
-Codified ballet's 5 positions of feet
-Performed brilliant pirouttes & tourss en l'air
-Director-Royal Academy of Dance (1671-87)