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how is dance a mechanism for social control?
it reinforced the kingdom/ showed the power of the court/ gender was very important/ *showed what was going on in society*/ society responds to it/ was used as a metaphor for power/ connected to important ceremonies
What does the structure of social dance say about the realtionships in the west? In Rarotonga Islands of the south pacific?
West- touch but very sophisticated (heavenly)- must control body- ballroom dancing- NUCLEAR- couple more important
//// S.P.- sexuality- never touch- dance as a group- communal -couple is of no importance
In Muslims sexuality is celebrated. Why are women veiled?
so sexual they have to hide anything that could tempt a man
Where does Muslim dqncing take place?
in homes- women dance for other women
what is court dance?
dancing in the courts- noblemen and royalty
Name three charateristics of court dance.
very dignified, controlled, heirarchical
Where did court dance begin in western europe?
In italy, but it spread to and developed in france
Who was Catherine DeMedici?
an Italian noblewoman who married King Henry the 2nd of France- she supported dance and brought her dancing master with her.
How did King Louis XIV use dance?
to ontrol and impress people, solidify power, and suggest he was divine (sun king)
How did King Louis the XIV become know as the SUn King
at age 14, he prtrayed Apollo the sun king in a dance
What is the minuet?
one of the first couple dances- male and female dont touch
How did Louis XIV move dance in to the professional realm?
he opened up The Royal Academy of Dance in 1661- started a school and moved it out of the courts- he also gave it a lot of financial support
What roles does dance play for the Asante tribe?
impiortant to honor the king- earlier, the king was chosen by being the best dsancer in the community- expressive too
Why is it important to delay trying to turn an abstract work of art into something you can name?
The miss themessage, feeling, and EXPERIENCE OF IT- look at whats really there and delay making an immediate descision
How did we as a class explore the installation at the museaum?
We analyzed the lines and shapes and moods of the art- we did a worksheet- we all sat together and looked at what was really there (Sphere)- see what the artist is communicating
How is dance both universal and particular?
UNiversal cause it comes through the body and everyone has the drive to dance- Particular cause every culture does it differently, has different symbols and costumes
Dances are fluid artistic products. What does this mean? How does it impact the art form?
It is constantly changing- exists in the moment so it picks up things from other and CONSTANTLY EVOLVES
What happened to traditional cambodian dance?
was almost lost- THe Komarouge came in and tried to kill all the dances because the government felt threatened by them. A few survived and carried on the dancing and teaching.
How did colonization affect the world?
it suppressed cultures and their dancing- less powerful were crushed- western europe integrated its ideas with the cultures and they merged together in some cases
What is the basic difference between dance in christian and African worship?
Christians have less movement and the body was going upwards (also greek influences)
-Africans were more fluid and danced more
Whay did beliefs abnout dance prove destructive to the plains indians?
THey though dancing made them invinciable and they wanted to be safe, so they danced and were shot becuase they were dancing- Ghost dance
Describe 2 different ways death danced with characters in the green table.
it was harsh, heavy, and stiff with the soldiers
it was gentle and soft with the older mother- she was ready to go
How did greek attitudes about the body impact dance development in western europe?
Aristotle- watch but dont dance- only for slaves
Plato- dance in graceful elegance
basically have control b/c dance is bad
wilder dancing promoted trance and possession
How does dance in christian dance differ from dance in Nigeria to that of england?
N- moving/dancing- at least some moving
E- structured stiff- only certain people
What happens iun the Egungun ceremony?
People have ancestors come into the ir body and dance as ancestors, and the godess Oshun can possess one of them- they can tell the future
According to Tolstoy, when is something really are?
When it is sincere and feelings and emotions are transmitted between humans
What is dance ethnology?
it is the relation of dance to a culture and personality to which it belongs- *connecting and understanding cultures through their dance