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John Durang
most important dancer in 1700's, hornpipe dance
4 major ballet stars
mary ann lee, Julia Turnbull, Augusta Maywood, George Washington Smith
Augusta Maywood
influenced musical theatre
George Washington Smith
partnered Elsser on her tour to America
The Black Crook
1866,story abou pact with devil, many copies
Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
Founded in 1932 byRene BLum and Colonel Wassili de Brasil
Prided irself on glamour and Russianness, old Diaghilev favs and also new works by massine
Lincoln Kirstein
was the American Diaghilev, not a dancer or choreographer, was a poet and critic "American " style
American ballet rep done by balanchine
Stars and
american work by sousa choreographed by balanchine
on your toes
balancine choreographed for hollywood and boradway
American Ballet theatre
founded as Ballet theatre, established to present the classics, 1st director is Richard Pleasant
Richard Plesant
1st director of American Ballet Theatre, wanted the company to be a museum of dance
Lucia Chase and Oliver Smith
was financing and set designer, became co directors of american ballet theatre
Agnes De Mille
used american subject matter, choreo.Rodeo for ballet russe, and fallriver legend for ABT, also choreographed oklahoma
jerome robbins
influenced american style, "fancyfree" ballet about 3 sailors on shore, combined ballet with jazz, halem and hollywood,
other works of jerome robbins
afternoon of a faun, dances at a gathering (chopin), the cage (about insects)
Joffery Ballet
founded by robert jofferey, several dancers toured one night stands, old and new works
dance theatre of harlem
founded by arthur mitchell, black ballet company
maria tallchief
born on ok reservation, dance with ballet russe de monte carlo, major dancer with NYC ballet,
jacque D'amboise
established the national dance institue, danced with NYC ballet, great at balanchines neoclassicism
Suzanne Farrell
NYC ballet's leading dancer in 1960
inspired balanchine
the Royal Ballet
went through several names, founded for the community, fredrick Ashton became director
Ninette de Valios
ballet russe dancer, irish born, firm, prim, proper
Fredrick Ashton
leading english comic choreographer, also lyrical works, raised in south America
Anthony Tudor
choreo. for the ballet club, moved to us to work for ballet theatre
margot fonteyn
leading english ballerina 1950-70 great for ashton's lyrical style, emotional expressiveness
prides itself on flair, moscow
unequalled in purity of style, st petersburg
isadora Duncan
rebel against corsetted ballet, no formal dance education, barefoot, simple rythmic steps