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What are the dances of imitation?
imitation of animals
What are the medicine dances?
Performed to restore health by warding off evil spirits or pleasing certain gods/godesses
What are commemorative dances?
Performed by the entire community to commemorate impt events in the calandar and to celebrate birthdays, marriages, or deaths
What are the two dances for spiritual connection?
medieval dance


*dance was part of re-birth period and ballet became very big*
What are the four main types of religious dance?
dances of imitation
medicine dances
commemorative dances
dances for spiritual connection
Who was Catherine de Medici?
became queen of france in 1561;arrived from italy with her italian dancing master; known as "mother of dance", 1581- dancing master produced first true ballet-- Ballet de la Raine;
Who was Luis XIV?
King of France; built palace of Versailles; "The Sun King"- role as Apollo in Ballet Royale de la Nuit; guests expected to participate in ballets when they arrived at palace; ladies encouraged to dance and wore masks to hide emotion; 1661- established Academie Royale de la Danse: training facility attempting to professionalize ballet; raised stage developed: encouraged use of turned out leg positions that allow dancer to move from side to side smoothly; French Public was also allowed to see dances for first time
Who was Pierre Beauchamps?
Louis' ballet master and director of the Academie; developed French terminology and rules for technique; developed five positions of the feet and the use of the turned out leg, became basis for ballet classes worldwide--still used today
What is pantomime?
system of hand gestures used instead of words
Who was Jean Georges Noverre?
designed reforms to add greater authenticity and expressiveness to ballet
Who wrote letters on dancing and ballet in 1760?
Jean Georges Noverre
What are four concepts invented by Jean Georges Noverre?
1) ballet movements should be technically brilliant and move the audience emotionally
2) the plots of ballet should be unified in design with understandable stories that are centered around the main theme
3) the scenery, music, costumes, and the plot should all be unified
4) pantomime needed to be made more simpler and understandable
When did rivalries between leading female dancers begin?
18th century
Who were Marie Camargo and Marie Salle?
Carmago- technician who longed for freedom of movement that was allowed like male dancers; shortened hem to ankles; permitted more aerial work

Salle- created own choreography, interested in natural movement
What changed during the French Revolution for dancing?
many ballets had the presence of the supernatural in them; were performed in two acts; heavy costumes were replaced with light-weight skirt fabrics made of Tulle; ballerinas began dancing on tips of toes to enhance floating across the stage
Who were Marie Taglioni and Fanny Essler?
Taglioni- excelled in ballets that emphasized her delicasy and lightness

Essler- famous for elevation and passionate dancing; excelled in folk dancing and went on a tour through america
Who was Jules Perrot?
choreographed the ballet "giselle";
What was the classical period?
occured during the 19th century; golden age for ballet in Russia; aerial work, turns and leg beats, and pointe work increased skill and perfection; the "tutu" was invented; ballets were performed in 3 acts
Who was Marius Petipa?
1847- came to Russia to dance at Emperial Theater; Russia became leading country of ballet; famous ballets- sleeping beauty, cinderella, don quixote, the nutcracker, swan lake
Who was Peter Tchaikovsky?
compossed music for sleeping beauty, nutcracker, and swan lake; understood gesture, pantomime, and rhythm of dancing body
Who was Lev Ivanov?
Co-choreographer of swan lake and the nutcracker
What is contemporary ballet?
evolved in russia and america in early to mid 1900s; similar to classical ballet because they both use the same vocabulary of movement,but music styles used might be very different; movement is primary focus of contemporary ballet
Who was George Ballenchine?
Russian choreographer; came to america in 1933; created school of american ballet; considered one of ballets greatest innovators; presented dancers as equals on stage and perfected neoclassical style; most loved ballet- the Prodigal Son
Who was Serge Diaghilev?
director of Ballet Russes; many of his ballets were choreographed by Michael Fokine; gave Vaslav Nijinsky his first opportunity to choreograph
Who was Michael Folkine?
Ana Pavlova's first partner; invented choreographing known as modern ballet; wanted to elimate mime and let the movement reveal the story
Who was Vaslav Nijinsky?
relpalced Folkine as Diaghilev's choreographer; known for spectacular leaps and stage pressence; best known for his choreography of Rights of Spring and Afternoon of a Fawn
Who was Ana Pavlova?
principle dancer with Russias Emperial Ballet and the Ballet Russes; known for her beautiful and dramatic dancing; best known for the dance the dying swan; 1911- left Russia to form her own company of english dancers that toured the world
What is Ballet Blanc?
female dancers appear in white romantic-length dresses or tutus; such as sylphs, wilis, etc..
What is Corps de Ballet?
chorus of female and male dancers
What is Pas de deux?
Who is the Premier danseur?
highest rank for a male dancer
who is the prima ballerina?
highest rank for a female dancer
What is the Kirov ballet?
most famous ballet company in the world located in St. Petersburg, Russia
What is the Bolshoi Ballet?
known for its acrobatics, located in Moscow
Who was Arthur Mitchell?
first african-american dancer in a major ballet company
When did Gelsey Kirkland and Mikhail Baryshnikov dance together?
1977 Nutcracker television performance
Who wrote the music and choreographed Rights of Spring?
Stravinsky wrote the music and Nijunsky choreographed it
Who are Odile and Rothbart in Swan Lake?
odile is the evil swan and Rothbart is the evil magician