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the articulation of the feet; moving toes, ball, heel, ankle, full foot, and tip of the foot
occurs in producing tap sounds while moving to the beat
use singles sounds, double sounds, hand claps, snaps, and various rhythms
sound techniques
provide balance and line to the dancer's performance, and complement body and lef movements
arm movements
the heel strikes the floor quickly and releases
heel dig
the tip of the shoe strikes the floor sharply
toe tip
occurs when the full foot hits the floor and quickly releases, this is done repeatedly
the working foot is raised off the floor, the toes and call of the foot brush the floor
is a brush of the toes and the ball of the foot forward and back quickly to join the sounds
the toes and ball of the back foot briefly take the weight behind the front foot
ball change
involve moving individual or multiple body parts while other parts remain still or move in a different way
the wroking leg and foot extend forward while the back leg extendes behind the body. the body remains in the low level as the dancers move across the floor
low jazz walk
both legs slightly bend as you walk forward with attitude
hip hop walk
step over one foot to the side and touch the other foot to the side
cross, touch
step right foot forward on full foot, then transfer weight onto the ball of the left foot behind the right foot, then step full foot on the right foot
step, ball change