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Female soloist; first to use electrical lighting; used yards of fabric and garland
Loie Fuller
dance by Loie Fuller; used sticks inside fabric to make her look like this
Mother of modern dance; Studied ancient greeks; Barefoot dancer;
Isadora Duncan
first lady of american dance; looked to far eat for her theme
Ruth St. Denis
Most famous dance by Ruth St. Denis; music visualization
Created first modern dance school and company in america
Ted Shawn
Acting Dance Festival Center
Jacob's Pillow
Started modern dance in Germany called "ugly dance;" used masks to represent death
Mary Wigman
dance by Mary Wigman
Witch Dance
world's most famous modern dance choreographer; used sex, jealousy, darker emotions; exagerated breath; anti-balletic
Martha Graham
dance that used a seated solo of sorrow and loss; used stretchy tube for costume
consisted of 3 women
The Group
first male soloist in "The Group;" taught ballet w/in the company; themes consisted of love and greek myths
Eric Hawkins
Script and Music by Emily Dikenson
Letter to the World
composed by aaron copeland; love theme- eric and martha about to be married on the frontier
Appalachian Spring
dance Very Spiritual and God Like
Acts of Light
Danced in silence; wrote first book on modern chor.
Doris Humphrey
used technique called "fall and Recovery/Drop and Suspend;" dancers spoke in his pieces; also known for his humor
Charles Weidman
pieces were always emotional; Started dancing w/Humphrey and Weidman and helped discover the technique of Fall and Recovery
Jose Limon
Silent Dance
Water Study
by Weidman; about father being a fireman
And Daddy was a Fireman
About and arguement between mother and father; believed mother was right but father won because he can yell louder
On my Mother's Side
...for work/war/mourning/love
There is a Time
made first all black modern dance company
Katherine Dunham
dance consisted of: street scenes and party scenes; garnered most money
Tropical Revue
made first american dance theater; work has found the perfect balance between ballet, modern, and jazz
Alvin Ailey
ailey's most famous piece; negro spiritualisms
Alvin Ailey's dance company
American Dance Theater
dedicated solo to all mothers' everywhere (dance)
Multi-media genius; one of the very early ppl to use synthesizer - sound score
Alwin Nikolais
Long, stretchy straps
Graham's second Male Soloist; work was totally abstract; any movement can follow any movement; decentralizes your focus
Merce Cunningham
different dances called this by cunningham/cage
event #
whole dance was sounds of a rain forest
Rain Forest
dance by Ted Shawn
Labor Symphony
Sound chor of Cage/Cunningham
John Cage
Mylar pillows - simply floated; very spontaneous; pop artist - worked with cunningham
Andy Warhol
Graham's third male soloist; unique, does it all - drama, abstract, balletic, athletic, humor
Paul Taylor
balletic, athletic, abstract dance - lifts
dramatic dance - set is pieces of mirror
Last Look
She allowed no one under the age of 30 allowed to audition; evoke emotional response; male abuse against females - physical, sexual, mental
Pina Bausch
Company created by Pina Bausch
Wuppertaler Tanztheater
Created "The Rite of Spring"
Igor Stravinsky
Set has several Inches of Dirt; score by "Igor Stravinsky"
"The Rite of Spring"