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What is used as a record of the status of damage control classified closures and fittings?
Damage Control (DC) Closure Log
In general messages are divided into the following three parts in reference to Proper Etiquette for the Sound Powered Phone?
1. Name of the station called
2. Name of the station calling
3. The message
What are some primary agents that are used on board a ship, give 5 examples?
1. Fresh Water
2. Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)
3. C02
4. Halon 1301 and Halon 1211
5. Steam
Name some portable extinguishers that can be used on board a ship?
2. PKP
3. C02
State the specifics that deal with a portable AFFF Extinguisher?
Discharge time 55 to 65 seconds at a distance of 15ft and closing. AFFF is used for Class Bravo fires.
State the specifics in reference to a portable PKP extinguisher?
Used on Class Bravo fires. 18 lb portable PKP effective from 19ft and discharge time of 10 seconds.

27 lb PKP effective from 21ft and 11 seconds.
State the specifics in reference to a portable C02 extinguisher?
15lb effective 4-6ft discharge time of 40 seconds. Used on Electrical fires.
Describe the basic characteristics of a 1 1/2 Vari-Nozzle and their locations?
95 GPM are located in: Machinery Space AFFF hose reels; within line AFFF eductor, inside the ship.

125 GPM are located: Flight Deck, Helo Deck, Helo Hanger, VERTREP area & Hangar Bay AFFF hoses; amphibious ship Well Deck and Vehicle Stowage Area AFFF hoses
Who runs the Damage Control Program and assists the DCO?
(DCA) Damage Control Assistant
Who is the Chief Engineer and is overall in charge of Damage Control?
(DCO) Damage Control Officer