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which oceans does the equater cross?
pacific,atlantic and indian oceans
which line of longitude forms a great circle with the prime merrinean
180 deggree line or the international date line
what and where is peurto rico
common wealth island owned by the united states located in the carribean
what is the capital of the central american that has a major canal running through it
pannama city, pannama
what is the capital of the south american country of brazil
which country has the largest land area in the western hemisphere
a compass rose may show both cardinal and intermediate directions what are cardinal directions? what are intermediate directions?
cardinal are north south east and west and intermediate are northeast, southeast,southwest and north west
through which four south american countries does 20 degrees lattitude pass?
brazil, paraguay, bolivia, and chile
the following are the 4 longest rivers in the world 1.nile 2. amazon 3. ob-irtysh 4. chang jiang (yangtzee) on which continets are they found 2.south america
lima is the capital of peru. is it east or west of 80 degrees west longittude