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DoD'S strategic planning, program development, and resource determination process. The P___ Process is used to craft plans and programs that satisfy the demands of the National Security Strategy within resource constraints.
Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution Acronym
The systematic method established by the Joint Chiefs of Staff for assessing gaps in military joint warfighting capabilities and recommending solutions to resolve these gaps. To ensure effective integration of the capabilities identification and acquisition processes, the J____ guidance was developed in close coordination with the revision to the acquisition regulations (DoD 5000 series)
JCIDS Acronym
The management process by which DoD acquires weapon systems and automated information systems. Although the system is based on centralized policies and principles, it allows for decentralized and streamlined execution of acquisition activities. This approach provides flexibility and encourages innovation, while maintaining strict emphasis on discipline and accountability.
Not JCIDS, and not PPBE
The Planning Phase of the PPBE process begins with a resource informed articulation of national defense policies and procedures and military strategy known as the S________ P_______ G_______.
Strategic Planning Guidance
It is used to lead the Enhanced Planning Process
The Enhanced Planning Process results in a document known as the J____ P__________ G_______.
Joint Programming Guidance
The link between planning and programming
The Joint Programming Guidance provides to DoD Components for the development of their program proposal, known as the P______ O________ M__________
Program Objective Memorandum
The Programming Phase of the PPBE process begins with the development of a P__ by each DoD component.
Program Objective Memorandum
The Budgeting Phase of the PPBE process occurs before/concurrently/after (choose one) with the programming phase.
at the same time
The J___ is chaired by the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and consists of the Vice Chiefs of each military service.
Joint Requirements Oversight Council
A joint-concepts-centric capabilities identification process that allows joint forces to meet future military challenges is the J____
JCIDS Acronym
Name three benefits of JCIDS in combination with an improved DAS.
The revolutionary transformation to Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System, coupled with the evolutionary emergence of a more flexible, responsive, and innovative acquisition process should produce better integrated and more supportable military solutions; a better prioritized and logically-sequenced delivery of capability to the warfighters, despite multiple sponsors and materiel developers; and an improved Science and Technology-community focus on future warfighting capability needs.
Integration, supportability, prioritized capability delivery, improved S&T focus.
Title of DoD 5000.1
The Defense Acquisition System
Not JCIDS, and not PPBE
Title of DoD 5000.2
Operation of the Defense Acquisition System
Not JCIDS, and not PPBE
Major Defense Acquisition Program
The most expensive programs.
Programs of increasing dollar value and management interest are subject to more s________ o________.
stringent oversight
A key principle of the defense acquisition system
For an MDAP (ACAT ID), the MDA is USD(AT&L), whi is supported by the D______ A__________ B____, which in turn is supported by the O__________ I_________ P_______ T___.
Defense Acquisition Board; Overarching Integrated Product Team (OIPT)
The minimum number of cost, schedule, and performance parameters necessary to describe program objectives are referred to as P______ g____.
Program goals.
Not program objectives.
The A_________ P______ B_______ satisfies the requirement to document p______ g____ prior to program initiation.
Acquisition Program Baseline; program goals
APB and not program objectives