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A harsh denunciation
Diatribe (N)
Intended to teach or instruct
Didactic (adj)
Tool used for shaping
Die (n)
Reserved, shy, unassuming; lacking in self-confidence
Diffident (adj)
To stray from the point; to go off on a tangent
Digress (v)
Causing delay, procrastinating
Dilatory (adj)
One with an amateurish or superficial interest in the arts or a branch of knowledge
Dilettante (n)
Effort or interest that is frivoulous or superficial
Loud sustained noise
Din (n)
To undeceive; to set right
Disabuse (v)
To defeat, put down
Discomfit (v)
Conflicting; dissonant or harsh in sound
Discordant (adj)