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To diminish the intensity or check something, such as a sound or feeling
Damp (v)
One can feel damp but can't hear dampness
To intimidate or dismay
Daunt (v)
Don't be intimidated or dismayed at Da Aunt.
Smallness of quanitiy or number; scarcity; lack
Dearth (n)
The dear was small and lacked in number; they were scarce in the jungle.
Rout, fiasco, complete failure
Debacle (n)
De Backed into a river on her way to the party; the night was a complete failure and it was a fiasco to get her car out of the water.
Politeness or appropriateness of conduct or behavior
Decorum (N)
The man's decor was 'um... polite and appropriate.
To question or oppose
Demur (v)
De murmured a question which we apposed of
Blacken, belittle,sully, defame, disparage
Denigrate (v)
Deni's great aunt was belittled.
An outcome or solution; the unraveling of a plot
Denouement (n)
De now meant she knew the outcome of the the plot.
To disparage or belittle
Deprecate (v)
De's pre cat was belittled
To plunder, pillage, ravage or destroy; to exploit in a predatory manner
Depredate (v)
De pre dates in order to destory, ravage and plunder her future dates home.