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pseydocyst or non-neoplastic cyst fluid chemistries
amylase/lipase HIGH
CEA low
mucinous cyst fluid chemistries
amylase/lipase LOW
CEA elevated
non-mucinous cyst fluid chemistries
amylase/lipase LOW
CEA low
amylase/lipase HIGH
connected to duct system, so high enzymes; mucinous and neoplastic, so high CEA
cytomorphology of benign pancreatic acinar cells
-acinar arrangements or isolated cells
-eccentrically placed, round nucleus
-evenly distributed, finely granular chromatin
-inconspicuous nucleolus
-abundant granular cytoplasm
-indistinct cell borders
cytomorphology of benign pancreatic and biliary ductal cells
-flat cohesive sheets (few isolated cells)
-even nuclear spacing within sheets
-round to oval nucleus
-evenly distributed, finely granular chromatin
-inconspicuous nucleolus
-well-defined cytoplasmic boundaries
cytomorphology of reactive ductal atypia
-low cellularity
-flat cohesive sheets with evenly spaced nuclei
-absent or rare isolated atypical cells
-enlarged cells
-round to oval nucleus
-prominent nucleolus
-occasional mitoses
-abundant cytoplasm
cytomorphology of ductal adenocarcinoma
-moderate to high cellularity
-crowded sheets of disordered ductal cells (drunken honeycomb)
-isolated malignant cells
-irregular nuclear contours
-nuclear enlargement - ANISONUCLEOSIS
-irregular chromatin - clumping & clearing
-scant or abundant mucinous cytoplasm
cytomorphology of acinic cell carcinoma
-highly cellular specimen
-loose cell aggregates
-numerous isolated cells
-round or oval nucleus
-smooth nuclear contour
-prominent nucleolus
-delicate granular cytoplasm
-positive for alpha-1-antitrypsin
cytomorphology of solid-pseudopapillary neoplasm
-highly cellular
-myxoid or hyalinized vascular stalks lined by neoplastic cells
-delicate granular cytoplasm, indistinct cell borders
-round or oval nuclei
-nuclear grooves
-inconspicuous nucleoli
-foam cells, necrotic debris
-nuclear positivity for B-catenin
cytomorphology of well-diff pancreatic endocrine neoplasm
-highly cellular
-predominantly isolated cells, bare nuclei
-uniform, round or oval nuclei
-eccentric nuclei (plasmacytoid)
-finely stippled (S&P) chromatin
-mod to abundant cytoplasm
cytomorphology of serous cystadenoma
-sparse cellularity
-clean background or granular material
-flat sheets and loose clusters
-cuboidal cells
-clear or granular cytoplasm with indistinct cell borders
-bare nuclei
-small round nucleus
-fine chromatin
-inconspicuous nucleolus
cytomorphology of mucinous cystic neoplasm and intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm
-hypocellular specimen
-thick mucin
-columnar mucinous cells (sheets, papillae, or isolated cells)
-nuclear and architectural atypia (if dysplasia or malignancy present)