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What is Gain?
An increase in RF signal amplitude
What is Loss?
A decrease in signal ampliude
What is Reflection?
Occurs when a Propagating electromagentic wave strikes an object that has very large dimentions in comparison to thje wave length of the propagating wave.
What is Refraction?
The Bending of a radio wave as it passes through a medium of differant density.
What is Diffraction?
Occurs when the radio path between the transmitter and receiver is obstucted by a surface that has sharp irrgularities or otherwise rough surface.
What is Scattering?
When the medium through which the wave travels consits of objects with dimensions that are small compared to the wave length of th signal and the number of objects per unit volume is large.
What is VSWR?
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

Occurs when thre is mismatched impedance between devices in the RF system.
What is Absorption?
Occurs when the RF signal strikes an object and is absorbed into the material in such manner that it does not pass through, reflect off or bend around the object.
What is Reutrn loss?
Caused by VSWR - Loss of foward energy through a system due to some of the power being reflected back towards the transmitter.
What does DSSS stand for?
Direct Sequence Spread spectrum.