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what is homeostasis?
auto regulation of CO, BP, o2-CO2, acid base balance
name the two homeostatic sensors?
sensory neurons and endocrine system
All pathogens are__________ butnot all ________ are pathogens?
define neoplastic?
new growth, cyst, benign tumor
what is dysplasia and if a Pt has it what should be done?
it's Precancerous; need a biopsy
give an example of a virulent infection?
necrotizing facitis;
can be bacterial or viral infection and still be virulnet
radiation works best on?
lymphomic tissues
what things are involved in our immune response?
macrophages, natural killer cells, cytotoxic T-cells (back bone of immune system), b-cells-antibodies-complement.
what are the signs and symptoms of cancer?
Pain, cachexia, bone marrow suppression, leukopenia ( from marrow; decreased immune response), anemia, infection, hemorrhage
what is the cure rate for cancer therapy?
5 yr survival-prostate 10-15 yrs
what is the survival rate for cancer pt's who are treated surgically?
60% of Pt's cured it's best chance of survival, b/c vital structures are involved, always remove larger area (margin), you can biopsy tissues(nodes).
Risk factors for cancer?
smoking, eating too much fat and too much fiber
what lowers blood sugar and what raises it?
insulin lowers everything else raises it
you have just operated on your pt replacing his knee, you notice 4 hrs later that he has alot of swelling(more than you expected to see) what would be the best TX for your Pt?
why do cancer pt's lose so much weight(not a pt recieving chemo)?
b/c cancer increases the metabolism b/c cancer is very rapidly growing.