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-What is the name of the VoIP protocols that adopts a modified form of the URL addressing scheme used within e-mail based on SMTP.
-What is the name of the VoIP protocols that allow control of VoIP gateways connected to external call control devices
- What is the name of the VoIP protocols that reports statistics on the call
- What is the name of the VoIP protocols that defines all aspects of synchronized voice, video and data transmission
- What is the name of the VoIP protocols that provides sequence numbers and time stamps for orderly processing of voice packets?
-Name 3 components for RTP?
Payload-type identification
Sequence numbering
Time stamping
-Which layer 4 protocols is used for transporting RTCP packets?
-What is the size of the IP/UDP/RTP header?
40 Bytes
-Which VoIP protocol operates at the transport layer of the OSI model?
-To what size does CRTP compress the IP/UDP/RTP header when UDP checksums are used?
4 Bytes
-Which two conditions necessitate the use of CRTP?
-Need for bandwidth conservation on WAN interfaces
-Narrowband links
-On which two areas should compression be enabled?
-Each link that requires it
-Both side of a slow link