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-The gateway translates the digitized signal or voice into the appropriate analog or digital signal for the PSTN, based on which of the following?
Information inside the voice packet
-Give two reasons why is it important to know which country the gateway will be located in when you are planning a network.
-Standards for PSTN connections
-Legal issues involving encryption services
-Which two issues need to be addressed when selecting a gateway for an enterprise central site?
-Dial plan integration
-Voice-mail integration
-Why is it important to determine if the gateways are switches or routers?
It determines how QoS, inline power, and security features are to be implemented.
-Which 3 features need to be considered when selecting a gateway for a service provider network?
High-volume call setup
High availability
-If implemented properly, which two features of a service provider gateway can provide carrier-class performance?
-Redundant design planning
-Implementation of QoS features
-When a call arrives from the PSTN, how does the gateway know where to send the call?
-from the dialed digits in the call
Which 3 features will influence the type of gateway that will be required for an enterprise remote site?
-The type of QoS required
-The number of analog phones or modems that will need support
-The level of security that will need to be supported