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-What is one cause of jitter when voice packets are transmitted over an IP network?
Congestion leading to instantaneous buffer utilization
-What can be used to ensure proper delivery of voice packets over and IP networks?
QoS parameters
-According to ITU G.114, what is the maximum delay that VoIP can tolerate before the voice quality starts to degrade?
150 ms
-Which component in IP telephony network can compensate for small amounts of packet loss?
The Codec
-Provides preferential treatment for priority traffic?
Congestion Avoidance
-Hold packets so that they can be handled with a specific priority leaving the router interface?
-Define the maximum size of a data packet?
-Enables the network to provide differentiated levels of service to specific flows of data?
-Saves bandwidth by compressing the header?
Header compression
-Which technique is used to prevent excessive serialization delay?
-Which protocol automatically reorders packets?
-What is the function of RTCP in ensuring consistent delivery of voice packets in an IP network?
Sends occasional report packets for delivery monitoring
-Which Cisco technology can be used to provide proactive network management?
-What do traditional telephony networks typically use to provide redundancy?
Multiple connections between switches