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What are holiday colors and what flag is flown?
1)Colors flown on Sunday /Holidays
2)The Largest Ensign
What are the CPO living spaces and mess called?
CPO Country
What are the Officer's staterooms and wardrooms called?
Officer's Country
Where do enlisted personnel eat?
Messing Compartments
Who salutes all officers leaving or entering the boat?
The Coxswain
When boarding a boat in what order do the enlisted and officers go? Where do each sit?
1)Enlisted board first, then Officers
2)Senior enlisted sit aft, if officers are present they sit stern
Upon entering an area which Chrisitan divine services are being held, you as a messenger of the watch, should do what?
Uncover, unless it is a Jewish service
What march does the Navy band play to honor the President of the U.S.?
Hail to the Chief
When the national anthem is being played, a sailor in a boat must adhere to what rule?
Only the boat officer or if absent the Coxswain salutes, all others remain seated at attention
If you are in formation and covered, how do you render honors when the national anthem is played indoors, but the flag is not displayed?
Hand Salute at attention while facing the music
How is the national ensign hoisted and lowered?
Hoisted smartly, and
lowered ceremoniously
When underway where and how is the national ensign flown?
At the mainmast all day and night
Moving the ensign when going underway is called what?
Shifting the Colors
A commissioning pennant is half-masted only under which condition?
When the Commanding Officer or Unit Officer dies
On Navy ships not underway, where is the Union Jack displayed?
The Jackstaff on the bow
Aboard ship, how many minutes before morning and evening colors is the prep pennant hoisted?
Five minutes
On what special occasions is a 21-gun salute fired at a 1 minute interval?
Memorial Day
President's Day
Independence Day
Gun salutes are normally fired at what time intervals?
5 second intervals
When is a crew paraded at quarters?
1)When a ship is entering or leaving US ports at times other than operational visits
2)When the ship visiting foreign ports
3)When the ship is departing for or returning from extended deployments, and other special occasions as determined by a superior
When passing honors the blast sequence is what when rendering honors?
One blast - attention to starboard
Two blasts - attention to Port
One blast - Hand Salute
Two blasts - End Salute
Three Blasts - Carry On
Passing honors for boats are exchanged when boats pass within what distance?
400 yards.
What distance are honors passed between ships?
600 yards
When are you not required to salute?
1)When in ranks
2)When uncovered
3)In public places when inappropiate
4)Part of a work detail
5)When under simulated or actual battle conditions
6)When engaged in athletics
7)At mess
8)When carrying articles in both hands
9)At oars in pulling boat
While standing a sentry box, you are approached by an officer. What type of rifle salute should you render?
Present Arms
When going aboard ship that is flying the national ensign what is the first thing that you do?
Face the National Ensign and salute
Salutes are rendered to all officers of the U.S. and foreign armed services. Officers belonging to which organizations are also entitled salutes?
1)National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2)Public Health Service
You may salute with your left hand under what circumstances?
When in complete uniform and your right hand is injured
In a normal situation, how many paces from the person being saluted should the hand salute be rendered?
6 paces
When in uniform, Navy personnel are required to salute when?
1)Meeting Officers
2)Hearing the National Anthem
3)Approaching the National Ensign
What is the most common salute?
The Hand Salute
What are characterisitics that define a custom?
1)An act that is continued consistently over a long period of time
2)A well defined and uniformly followed act
3)A generally accepted act not opposed to a statute, lawful regulation, or order
The term honors is defined as what?
Salutes rendered by a ship, unit, post, station, or an individual to high-ranking individuals, other ships or nations
What is the definition of the term ceremony?
A formal act performed on a public occasion
Where do officers eat?
If a band is not available for colors what is played on the bugle?
Morning - To the colors
Night - Retreat
What is the Army and Air Force policy on saluting?
Salute even if uncovered