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Ron Artest
NBA player suspended for the remainder of the year because of the brawl at the Palace
Asian- Pacific Economic Conference- held in Chile
President Bush attended
Islamic holiday began in October
Campus Martius Park
newly opened in Detroit. Part of the re-vitalization. Includes gardens and monuments
Canadian Auto Workers
underground parties - located in abandoned warehouses
mysterious powder that affects the respiratory system
3 events of the Triple Crown
1. Kentucky Derby
2. Preakness
3. Belmont Stakes
Louis Farrakhan
Head of the Nation of Islam
Hates White and Jewish people
Roger Clemens
Pitcher - won the Cy YOung Award - best pitcher
Nickname-The Rocket
Ariel Sharon
Prime Minister of Israel
Alberto Gonzales
new US attorney general from Texas
Sandra Anderson
Dog handler
Accused of falsifying
Might get 21 months
Don Williamson
Mayor of Flint
Peter Karmano
Owns Compuware, Carolina Hurricanes
Makes big money
Jewish Holiday - 8days long- Festival of Lights
African- American Tradition
Dec. 26- jan 1
7 basic principles
Debbie Stabenow
Senator from Michigan
Dennis Hastert
US Speaker of the House
From Illinois (R)
Rupert Murdoch
Self made Millionaire
Owns Major media
Located North of India
Maoist rebels trying to be rebellious
Near Iraq, south of Turkey

Bashad Al Assad supporting terrorist activity
Large country in NE Africa
Lt. Gen Omar Al Bashir is head of Sudan
Southern part of Africa
Robert Mugabe is president
Green Party Issues
Deals with Ecology
Social Peace
Liberation Party
Began 1971
Supports a world of Liberty
Why has President Bush been in Canada?
To mend fences
Event in Clarkston
Christmas Parade
Event in Michigan
List one