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1st Line
Solemnly, Mournfully
2nd line
Dealing it's dole
3rd Line
The Curfew Bell
4th line
is beginning to toll
5th Line
cover the embers
6th line
and put out the light
7th line
toil comes with the morning
8th line
and rest with the night.
9th line
Dark are the windows
10th line
and quenched is the fire
11th line
sound fades into silence
12th line
all footsteps retire
13th line
no voice in the chambers
14th line
no sound in the hall
15th line
sleep and oblivion
16th line
reign over all!
17th line
The book is completed
18th line
and closed like the day
19th line
and the had that has written it
20th line
lays it away
21st line
dim grow it's fancies
22nd line
forgotten they lie
23rd line
like coal in the ashes
24th line
they darken and die
25th line
song sinks into silence
26th line
the story is told
27th line
the windows are darkened
28th line
the hearth stone is cold
29th line
darker and darker
30th line
the black shadows fall
31st line
sleep and oblivion
32nd line
reign over all